Black Gunmen To Get In Formation In Atlanta & Vegas! What Will Happen?

Self defense is on the menu as the NFAC comes down to a ‘hood near you.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well, there’s a new movement that is addressing the 2nd Amendment and that is the Amendment allows most people to legally do something. Now, these laws vary from state to state but the right to bear arms is a universally beloved and respected amendment to the Constitution. But we have to admit white men are the ones that generally adopt this and put it into practice. Things are changing quite a bit especially in the legal sense. We are seeing more and more men and women pick up the gun. I have to say this as well, most Black people are doing it in self-defense and as a reaction to the extreme racism and that we are currently facing.

So why am I saying all this you might ask? I am saying all this because tomorrow, on July 4th, in Atlanta, Georgia in Las Vegas they are hosting a formation. What is the formation you might ask? Well, the formation is not what Beyoncé used to do. The formation is when armed Black militiamen go out there and basically let people know that “We are armed and we are not to taking this and we are ready for war as well.” 

Grand Master Jay, the head of the NFAC, is leading the charge in Atlanta and Vegas. It’s actually Stone Mountain which is outside of Atlanta. I am not sure about Vegas. They are doing a lot of protection though, because it is extremely dangerous out there. There’s actual card-carrying KKK members out there intimidating protesters. Protesters have been out and about all over the place but at specific sites like the Wendy’s that was burned down they are taking a stand in the name of people that I’ve been slain by the police. I don’t think we’ll see violence but here’s the information. 

If you don’t know what this all means, check it out….we interviewed Grand Master Jay, not to be confused with Jam Master Jay! Check it out….

The NFAC is the “Not F#ckin Around Coalition” and they are not playing around! They came together in the aftermath of Amaud Arbery’s hunting and murder.

Also, since this coalition seems to get no press coverage, we are going to have boots on the ground there in Stone Mountain reporting on it all.