Gucci Mane Calls Out Atlantic Records Out As Racist! Why Though?

Gucci Mane is getting more aware of what is going on and has called out Atlantic Records as racist!

(AllHipHop Rumors) So what is going on with Gucci Mane? The Atlanta Trap Lord is complaining once again about his record label, Atlantic Records. Atlantic Records has come under scrutiny and praise in the last few years for their ability to tap into uncharted talents and bring them into the limelight. Notable acts include Bhad Bhabie, the teenager that went from Dr. Phil into a rap career, and Cardi B, Mrs. Bloody Shoes. So, a couple years ago Gucci Mane was complaining because he didn’t really like the type of talent that the label was signing and it was clashing with his own brand. At the time, which was 2017 or 2018, he said that he was going to go fully independent and release mixtape after mixtape as a self-made man. That did not happen, the indie part. Today, Gucci is calling out Atlantic Records as racist. 

But, Gucci used a specific term about Atlantic records and he said “polite racist“ and said that he is leaving on July 3. That is the day before July 4 and I am not sure why he picked that particular day. I think he should’ve picked June 19th which is the real Black People emancipation day Juneteenth. No, I don’t think anybody wants to say this but there may be other factors into why Gucci is saying these things. Purely speculation, but Gucci has not exactly been at the top of his game recently and there are a bunch of younger artists that are really popping and creating relevant music. Lil Baby is one of those type of artists and I think that he’s actually tapped into the youth in a way that Gucci used to be tapped in. This is no knock to Gucci Mane because Gucci Mane is one of the founders and owners of the Trap Rap sound. 

But we cannot say that Father Time is defeated – no Father Time is undefeated. So Gucci has made a significant transition in his life and that transition also has consequences. He is not that same guy that he was once before. He has embraced that new life and has increased his wealth, but as we know artists do want that light. Money and Light are not the same. As for Atlantic Records, I have no ill will about them but I will say that some of these artists i.e. the kid that used to say “cash me outside” is one of the biggest stars on the label. That, my friends, is problematic.

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