Gucci Mane’s Former Friend Threatens To Expose Video Of Him!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! While things have been looking pretty good for Gucci Mane post his release from prison, everyone in the rapper’s past isn’t happy for him.

One of Gucci longtime friends, Mojo, has taken to Instagram to threaten to reveal an alleged gay secret on the rapper.

Gucci’s former friend claims to have a damaging 30 minute video he plans to leak on Guwop. The friend-turned-foe even claims other rappers are in the footage.

Perhaps this former friend is bitter because Gucci Mane is now doing bigger and better than ever.

Mojo is big mad and says f-ck a friendship, as he claims he was the only person that was there to help Gucci when he was down and out. He even says that he “was there” when something went down between Guwop and fellow rapper Jeezy.

If Gucci really has these alleged “in-the-closet” secrets, then this guy sounds like a bitter boyfriend that got cut off running his mouth like this!

Aren’t you curious to know what’s on the alleged tape though?!

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6 thoughts on “Gucci Mane’s Former Friend Threatens To Expose Video Of Him!”

  1. So you been watching him do gay stuff for 14 years and your mad now? So it was ok then but now it’s not? I’m confused. We don’t believe you, you need more people.

  2. If Gucci ignores this threat and dares dude to release what he has, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. But if he conveniently makes peace with dude or money is exchanged between them, that to me is admission like a mf.

  3. I wouldn’t put it past any of these rappers to be closet f-gs… “Never put too much faith in man, they’ll let you down every time.” Some of these fools that believe in these clowns are going to literally be devastated if it turns out to be true Lol!

  4. boy real ninjas like myself are a dying breed smh these ole soft azz lil dudes will get in their feelings and jump on social media in a min. yall broads need to be taught the G code for real.

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