Guess Who Wants To Make The Mobb Deep Movie?

Mobb Deep

Mobb Deep is one of the best groups EVER! Now, there are a pair of seasoned actors that want to make a movie of the duo’s life and times.

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Mobb Deep is one of the most prolific rap groups ever. They have, in the words of Prodigy, “Seen it all, been through it all.” Sadly, 2022 marks the 5 year anniversary of Prodigy’s death. It is a somber reminder that we are all human and time is moving fast. What a sad day that was.

Recently, Havoc, Mobb Deep’s other half, has gotten himself totally back to form. He’s produced some beats for people, but just released an album with Styles P of The Lox. Wreckage Manner is out everywhere and it hits hard. It is a perfect blend of Mobb Deep and The Lox.

Stream Styles P and Havoc's Collaborative Album 'Wreckage Manner' | Complex

Now that I got that out of the way, here’s the rumor.

The homie Tray Chaney just put THIS out there! Just like that!

Both Tray and JD Williams are alumni of one of the the greatest shows ever, “The Wire.” And they want to do it! I wonder…could they? What do you think? I certainly would be interested in this, since the true story of Mobb Deep is…well…DEEP! P and Hav have their individual stories. Prodigy wrote a book and Havoc is working on one now.

Would people be interested in this? I am!

One time for Prodigy!