Guess Who’s Working On Their First Album In 10 Years?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Punches fist and shakes imaginary dreads.

Although it’s been well over a decade since Atlanta’s own Crime Mob hit the music scene, they shocked everyone by reuniting to perform at V-103’s Pop Up Concert recently.

Crime Mob, still to this day, brings out the inner ratchet in everyone with their classics “Knuck If You Buck” “Stilettos (Pumps)”, and “I’ll Beat Yo Azz”. I mean “Knuck If You Buck” never gets old, not to ever be confused with that damn “JuJu On The Beat”.. sorry kids.

No one ever thought they’d see the day of this reunion especially since the group members have had some internal battles over the years.

Apparently Crime Mob is not only releasing a new album this year, but Diamond and Princess will reportedly drop a duo album as well this year according to Crime Mob member Lil Jay.

Well it’s good to see Crime Mob getting along and working.

Clearly “Knuck If You Buck” has proven to be a classic as it still gets concert and club play to this day. D.R.A.M. freestyled over the beat, and Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall created “Juju on That Beat.” over the classic beat.

Are you here for a new album from Crime Mob? Don’t you miss the crunk era?