Gunna Called “Rat” And “Snitch” Until Being Chased Out Of ATL Mall

Gunna - YSL

Gunna may have a difficult time getting his shopping done if people keep harassing him in the mall.


Did Gunna get run out of the mall in Atlanta? It looks like Young Thug’s influence is swelling even more now that he is behind bars. The YSL honcho is awaiting trial and one of his main codefendants and Homies is in the free world. Gunna is not going to be able to walk around freely for very long if ever. The way I see it, he’s going to have a long march a head, and may very well be in his own version of prison.

According to several reports, he was walking through a mall with security masked up and, I guess, was doing a bit of shopping. As they generated more and more attention, a crowd formed and they began to scream obscenities at them. Mostly calling him a rat and a snitch. But as things begin to devolve more, it appeared that it might turn violent.

Thankfully, nothing happened but you can see where the energy is going. Gunna is not going to be able to go anywhere without security for an extremely long time. I am sure he he had security before, but I think he’s going to needs more presidential-types around him. How is he going to live? At any rate, he’s out in the world and I’m assuming trying to figure out what he’s going to do with his life.

Take a look at this and tell me what you think.

Gunna seemingly laughed it off. Not sure what’s funny, but I guess he has money and freedom.

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