Does This Guy Know Who Shot Troy Ave?!


(AllHipHop Rumors) I think it’s safe to say that 2016 was NOT Troy Ave’s year!

The Brooklyn rapper was shot in Brooklyn on Christmas while sitting in his Maserati. An unknown gunman decided to approach Troy firing two shots into the vehicle.

Troy is lucky to be alive as he’s survived a shot to the head and his back. In fact, Troy is a walking miracle as he still has a bullet lodged in his head, and the sustained shots came dangerously close to causing the rapper to suffer injuries to his spinal cord.

This is a pretty bad year for Troy Ave as he’s currently out on bail over a shooting that claimed the life of his bodyguard at an Irving Plaza concert.

Now fans are starting to wonder if this mystery guy, a guy that goes by Business Duu, had anything to do with Troy Ave’s recent shooting.

He drove by and recorded a video noting that that was Troy Ave’s car “lit up”.

He even laughs and jokingly says, “Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho and all that” and he laughs while saying “Be safe.”

The same guy was spotted in a photo with Ave over two years ago.

The question is: did dude just pull up and drive by the scene after hearing about the incident, or did he return to the scene?! ?

Did he have anything to do with the shooting? Does he know more than he’s telling? The laughs during his “be safe” commentary are eerie. What are your thoughts?