Out Of Hand! The Internet Believes That Love & Hip Hop Is Super Fake!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Even if you don’t watch reality TV, you still know what’s going on because you can’t escape the madness on your timeline.

Anyway over the seasons, Love & Hip Hop has seemed to expose itself as partly scripted by the crazy occurrences.

It’s like everyone has to have some wild and crazy storyline to save their spot on the show, keep the show going, and keep up the drama.

I mean we’ve seen cast members experiment sexually, have sex tapes swinging from shower poles, to serious beat downs, but this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, seems to top previous seasons in every market period.

Many believed that Rasheeda and Kirk had to be the highest paid cast members this season because there was no way Rasheeda would let Kirk go on national television and embarrass her ONCE AGAIN, this time by possibly having a baby by a side chick.

If that wasn’t enough, the side chick is in a sister wife situation with fellow cast member Mimi’s ex, and the other girl also happened to mess with married Kirk as well.

I mean people being sister wives and being in open relationships is more common than you think, but everything about this season just seems so fake according to viewers across social media.

But last night, as if the show couldn’t get any faker, fans had it with the fake shhhhh with a few of this season’s new cast members. So check it; Sierra the owner of a beauty salon in Atlanta’s husband has been allegedly cheating with her assistant. The husband and assistant want to keep it a secret so they meet up to talk about it, exchange fake money all while the cameras are rolling capturing them telling the “secret” to the world.

The writers need to be smacked for this one. I guess Mona is trying to change the direction of the show? Do you watch these shows? LOL. Let me know your thoughts? Do you believe it’s all fake?