Has Iggy Azalea Found An Ally In Charlamagne Tha God?


While many in the Hip Hop community are not fans of Iggy Azalea, it seems that she’s found an ally in Charlamagne Tha God. Charlamagne expressed that he would like people to stop trashing Iggy for being a fake wannabe rapper. Charlamagne also seems to feel that just because Iggy dates a black man doesn’t mean she has to stand up for black culture. Previously Charlamagne has said he also hates the “real Hip Hop” comments because people from different regions that produce different sounds all have their opinions on what is “real Hip Hop,” with them often times downplaying other’s music. Charlamagne expressed that Iggy is actually a pop artist that happens to express herself through rap. He doesn’t believe she’s trying to hijack black culture. What are your thoughts? How would you categorize Iggy?