Have The Migos Broken Up?

The Migos may be a wrap if the speculation of the internet has any say so in it.

We might be witnessing the end of an era! Apparently, Offset stop following both Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram! And the rumors started from there! These guys are like family that did not stop black Twitter from jumping to the assumption that they completely broke up. It also should be noted that Cardi B is also no longer following Quavo or Takeoff either.

So, this certainly sparked the rumor that the group has broken up. Now, Quavo and Takeoff are blood related and have recently started a new group. I don’t know if this represents a separation or a friction, but is certainly strikes me as weird that 2/3 of the group is doing an album. And, on the flip, groups like Wu and Bone Thugs have always had different variables.

In the past, the trio has recorded solo albums and group projects. Their last album Culture III came out in 2021 two mixed reviews. So far, the Migos are not talking.

But this does not mean the streets are not talking.

Tweets too.