Here Are Some DMX Rumors, But Nothing Crazy…


Just keep praying for DMX!

So I am going to keep it real with y’all, because this is a sensitive subject. But I have so many rumors on the DMX situation, but I can’t put any of it out there. Most of the stuff surrounding the legendary rapper is under lock and key.

Here is what we do know. He is presently still in a vegetative state, he has little to no brain activity, and he is being celebrated worldwide. This is day four of this coma-like state for an artist known for being extremely animated. We keep praying.

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DMX has a total of 15 kids and many of them have come out to visit him. It has been speculated that they are saying “goodbye” to their dad. This is not confirmed but this is what the media is stating. Only one child at a time is permitted to see DMX, per COVID-19 restrictions at the White Plains medical center. I won’t speculate but I will speculate just a bit, as I believe they have held off making any rash decisions about his life in order for his children and other relatives to see him.

DMX is in bad shape, and there’s no getting around that. On Saturday when he was first had the heart attack, I was told that he actually died and was brought back to life. I am quite sure that the doctors and those watching over him knew that it was imperative that they fight vehemently for his life, giving him a chance for the miracle we are all looking for right now. Yesterday out of a vigil for the dog, many of his children actually gathered smiling and seemingly happy to be together. I am sure they are somewhat distraught but I think that this has actually brought the family together.

Yadira Borrego shared photos of DMX's children meeting after the vigil.

Right now I am told to continue to pray for DMX, which is what I will do. We really do love and respect him, as imperfect as he may be this is a guy that has given us a lot. And for that we are grateful.

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