Hip-Hop Legends Unite: Nas In The Studio With New People


Exciting rumors! Nas is back in the studio, not just with the legendary DJ Premier, but also with another super producer and young singer!

We all know now Nas is working on music with the famous DJ Premier. Preemo is the legend of legends in production and Nas is the legend of legends in rapping. Well, Nas is working on new music and currently in the studio. We all know the DJ Premier stuff. But word on the street is that he has also been working with super producer Jerry Wonda, known for his work with the Fugees. I’m hearing that Jerry Wonda is collaborating with Nas on his new music and also with a young singer. Who could THAT be?

Have you heard of Fridayy? He’s a singer from Philadelphia, who’s notably known for collaborating with JAY-Z and DJ Khaled a few years ago. He’s a rising star with a very unique voice. Imagine him being able to get in the studio with both JAY-Z and Nas before experiencing his peak success. (By the way, head here to listen to his debut album.) That’s exactly what I’m hearing at this particular moment. It’s pretty incredible to hear Nas working with young talent, established talent and more to express his art.

By the way, let’s not forget that Common and DJ Pete Rock are also working on new music. Let’s support it all. Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. has been dope since his debut Can I Borrow a Dollar? in 1992. He also has Resurrection, Be and Like Water for Chocolate. And, there’s Pete Rock. This is going to be a great year.