Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Talks Slick On Diddy and Jay!

50 CENT RUMORS RETURN There is a rumor that 50 Cent is now engaged to a chef? HUH? What happened to Ciara? I don’t know that I believe this one, because the chick has Kanye West in her Top friends on myspace! 50 Cent better not do this one! They are saying that he might […]


There is a rumor that 50 Cent is now engaged to a chef? HUH? What happened to Ciara? I don’t know that I believe this one, because the chick has Kanye West in her Top friends on myspace!

50 Cent better not do this one! They are saying that he might work with Lindsay Lohan on her new CD? HAH? “They’re talking about working together. Nothing’s firm yet, but they’re in talks,” her daddy told Life And Style magazine. “They’ve actually known each other for a while, just from being in the business together and crossing paths at events.”

50 Cent on Shade 45 talking about Diddy, Jay-Z, Def Jam and an alleged Kelis sex tape:

On Diddy: “He made Biggie cute. You ain’t ugly, baby! N***as wanna smell like Diddy.”On an alleged Kelis sex tape and why he wouldn’t buy it:“Its and alleged tape, its not confirmed. And they tried to sell the tape and notify me, ‘cause they thought I would want to buy it and do that to Nas. No no no no no. I don’t need that type of s**t. They think I hate Nas like that. I don’t have that type of passion for it. I don’t hate Nas like that. You push n##### over the edge sometimes.”

On Jay-Z:

“Everybody flopping, because Jay-Z used all the marketing money. The rest of them n***as is dead meat. They are chipping your name on a tombstone. That n***a Jay is ruthless.” (Isn’t he an executive producer on Freeway’s album?)

(Didn’t they do a song to support Curtis? LOL – 50 crazy!)


From what I understand, DMX didn’t like reggae music about 10 years ago. Well, much has changed. I was sent an email that tells me that DMX and Junior Reid have finished a music video. I heard it might be incomplete, but I’m positive its on the way. Its for DJ GQ’s upcoming album. The track is called “Bad Boys.” I’m hoping to get that, but they have to work it out on the AllHopHop tip.


You know, this Ne-Yo dude can do no wrong these days. My homeboy Brandon was over there in Tokyo, Japan at the airport. He saw Ne-Yo and they shook hands. He asked for a pic with the super star singer. Well, Ne-Yo didn’t want to do it in customs (I think that is illegal). Anyway, Ne-Yo says hold up and then the singer’s bodyguards tell him no. They all get on the same plane for a long layover in Okinawa. When Brandon is getting his bags, Ne-Yo calls him over and they snap that pic. Boom, there you go – the pic!


SMH. Ray-J-I don’t know what the guy is looking to achieve here. Nevertheless, I willingly will “promote” the madness. Here is the cover of his mixtape, called “Uncut.” From what I understand, Ray is doing a lot of cussin’ and talking stuff on this. I also heard there is a diss record devoted to his former girlfriend Kim Kardashion too. She’s represented on the cover of the mixtape too, a nod to their dry p#### movie.

Speaking of Kim K, the cops are saying that no theft was reported. Remember, she claimed she lost $50k in stuff at JFK airport.

(Go, Ray-Jay, Get Busy! Click the pic for the…raw and uncut version!)


Recently NBC had a round table discussion about “Women In Hip-Hop”. The panelists included Irv Gotti, Kevin Powell, Melissa Ford and radio host/illseed homey Kendra G. You will see that Superhead and Michael Eric Dyson were there via satellite. Now I heard the discussion lasted about an hour, but NBC narrowed it down to 10 minutes! Some of the things that didn’t make the finally cut is Irv Gotti saying, “Superhead is a professional at giving ‘f#######’ and that she made an empire off of ‘f#######!’ The Murder Inkster also went on to say that guys know that she will talk about them in her next book, but, since they want to see what all the talk is about, they still let her…do her thing on them!

Also, there was a point when Melissa Ford and Kendra G had a minor debate. Apparently, Melissa Ford made a comment that she hasn’t been in a video in the last four years and Kendra G asked her about her very revealing modeling pictures that she still takes. Melissa came back with something like those pictures are “fantasy” poses for male magazines and that she is no different than Marilyn Monroe, Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson! Well, I like both of the ladies – we don’t want a cat fight in front of mixed company! The interview was conducted by NBC Nightly News digital reporter Mara Schiavocampo (What a name for a Black woman). Click on the link to see what made the cut.

Also, don’t forget Kevin Powell’s clothing drive for needy people – SUPPORT!:

*Note: Kevin Powell will host his annual clothing drive again this year. This represents the 7th annual holiday party and clothing drive for the activist. It all happens on Friday, December 7th, 10:00 pm -4:00 am, at Tribeca Cinemas. It will once again benefit the Safe Horizon Streetwork Project, a program that supports nearly 10,000 NYC homeless young people each year. Click here for additional details. *

(Here is a random pic of Kendra G, Irv, Ja Rule and Lenny S of Def Jam. She made me put this up!)


My homeboy BigRoyale attended the recent Kanye West show over in the UK and he sent me a break down of the show. (I did not edit this so read it with a nice eye, my friends.)

I just got back from the kanye gig in Manchester, UK still full of energy. My ears are still ringing with “Stronger” (FINALE SONG)

GLC opened up the show, then out came Consequence singing 4-5 tracks including don’t 4get em, then british artist Estelle came out to her track 1980 aswell as doing 4 other tracks. After Estelle the legend Common came out did his thing hits including The people, Driving me wild. After Common it was time, 10 minutes later out came Kanye West. He opened to Good morning which was fantastic, he also did champion, flashing lights, drunk and hot girls, homecoming, i wonder, can’t tell me nothing. He did other tracks off late registration and college dropout. Gold digger, jesus walks, get em high (joined by common), all falls down, through the wire, spaceship (joined by GLC, Consequence), heard em say, touch the sky, diamonds from sierra leone.

He sang Hey mamma which was emotional and made me realise we never cherish what we’ve got until its gone, we need 2 be grateful. He added an extra verse about how last night his momma was in his dream, he spoke 2 her and she spoke 2 him and he thinks she’s in a better place and he knows she’s looking down on him. The crowd gave a massive response in a cheer which was extraordinary. He later went on to sing the track Big Brother. After which the lights went off and jay-z’s public service announcement came on and all of a sudden out of nowhere out came H.O.V, CEO OF ROC. Nobody could believe it, it was amazing, two legends on stage, suprised he came to manchester, we rarely get such big suprises like that. Then Jay did Encore and after which he left. To close the show kanye did (stronger) he came out in some funky L.E.D robot like glasses and killed it!

Also other stuff at the show was lots of stuff like huge cloth like parachutes flying across the stage, a human robot came out and kanye acted asif he was controlling it, it was amazing



BigRoyle (Manchester, UK)


Jay-Z on how Coldplay’s Chris Martin makes him want to settle down (WENN):

“The guy’s humble, and he has a lovely family. It’s rare to meet such a genuinely good person… I don’t go to people’s houses and hang out, but I go to his house and hang out.”

Mary J. Blige on what she would change (Essence):

“I would probably behave. I can’t change what I was because I didn’t know any better. But if I’d have known then what I do now, I wouldn’t have done any of that stupid stuff.”


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Rumor has it that 2009 will bring us the real-life G.I. Joe movie. You know, it might work. Also, Pharrwll is working on Voltron, the movie, I think.

I am getting intel that the Lil’ Wayne / Lauren London rumors is crap! I hope so. I’d hate to make her my mortal enemy!

“Why Did I Get Married” star Lamann Rucker isn’t dating Toccarra so if you see either of them out with other people, there is a good reason. I heard.

It looks like Whitney Houston is finally back. Check out Whit at Live & Loud 2007 (Saturday) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Check out this video from Dee-Nyce and NYOIL, “Bet That.” It’s the song that I requested and that’s why my name is mentioned. Support BALANCE in Hip-Hop. Shout out to Dee-Nyce and NYOIL!


So, this is what Tyra is going to do with her show? Talking about the female booty as examined by 6 men. You can’t turn into the new Oprah like this!


That chick Lola aka Angel, everybody’s wondering if her booty is real or not. Well, I don’t know. How would I? What I do know is that there are a few rumors running around her rump roast. Here is the deal. I have been informed that Lola worked at strip club Sensations in Laurel Maryland. In the early part of 2006 Lola’s butt was allegedly getting bigger and bigger for about six months straight. At the same time, the men in line to see her was also getting longer and longer. So, a homey of mine tells me that Lola go an injection of some sort in her hind parts that helped it grow, but maintain a super thin waist. (Note: I already heard from one person that it was implants.)

On top of if, my boy says that he was one of the men in line for the lapdance at the club and said her butt is “too firm,” but gave her credit for having a super nice frame. Anyway, $60 for three songs will get you a chance dance with that now-famous tail, from what I heard.

Real or not…does it matter? Its all a fantasy!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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