Hip-Hop Rumors: Akon’s “Fam” Is Livid! Rappers Getting Robbed? Briscoe’s Re-up!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE We post a lot of videos. If you are interested in seeing the videos before I even post them, mosey on over to our […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


We post a lot of videos. If you are interested in seeing the videos before I even post them, mosey on over to our video section. There’s a lot there. Check it out!

I have heard all the feedback regarding Miss Mouth, from the top to the bottom. Now, I have said this is a trial period for her as my assistant. We are very new in the game and I am going to give her a fair shot at doing well. She’s not me and will not be me, thank God. Still, I am going to give her a chance like I did with Shelz and Lady Drama. Lets see how it goes.


I am being told that Halle Berry might be preggers again.

SMH. Steve Harvey’s book “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” is being made into a feature film – as in in theaters.


You may have heard this in the rumor page a couple months ago or something, but I’m here to let you know again. Timbaland and Chris Brown recently went in the studio again, I have been told. This time, there is a lil different scenario. I heard Timbo brought Justin Timberlake to the session this time. It looks like Breezy isn’t playing with his comeback album! Whooooo Weeeeeee! I’m not a fan, but I have to admit, he’s bringing out the big dogs to ensure they don’t treat him like Michael Vick. Did you get that joke? I’m too funny.


Wait a second. Jaz-O is older than Jay-Z. Shouldn’t all the age related disses against Jigga apply to Jaz too? Just a question. Still, this song is tight and Jaz-O proves that age is nothing but a number. He’s spitting FIRE and The Game does his thing too.

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I am convinced the recession has driven people mad. I mean, being broke will do that, but we are seeing a lot of rapper getting robbed. The latest rumor is that Yo Gotti got robbed at a barbershop. This sounds like Déjà vu from the situation with Briscoe, but they are saying t## is a totally different situation. The place is called Cristylze and that is in North Memphis, from what I have been told.

In similar fashion, we are hearing that Oscar Winner Frayser Boy, formerly of Three Six Mafia crew, got robbed while he smoked a bit with some chicks. The rumor says he was basically set up by some skeezoids.


The rumors are already flying about Kurt Angle and whether or not he had a bad case of ‘roid rage. The popular wrestler was arrested for beating up his girlfriend over the weekend. Dude used to be a nice guy wrestler from what I can recall. At any rate, he beat his girlfriend up, according to reports. Her name is Trenesha Biggers, who wrestles under as Rhaka Khan. She got the police to get crazy Kurt out of her house and into a precinct. I wonder why they didn’t just wrestle-fight? Anyway, after he was arrested, he showed up to her house again and Rhaka claimed the Kurt was stalking her. What he was actually doing was trying to destroy evidence. Seems like Rhaka took pics of her beaten body with her camera phone and he grabbed it and deleted the images. I would think that the cops would already have that documented since she had called him, but who’s thinking clearly these days?

Back to the ‘roid rage. They found some illegal steroids (two vials of HGH) and USED syringes in his car. He was arrested again for driving with a suspended license and some charges related to the drugs.

Here is Rhaka Khan:

He looks like a rager here and she looks crazy too.


I’ve been a supporter and a detractor of PETA in my day. But, now I have to put out there what I have been getting in my inbox for a couple of weeks now. This is very INTERESTING to say the least. Now, that Michael Vick is an EAGLE, I have to ride for the big home. Sorry, PETA.

Animal lovers worldwide now have access to more than a decade’s worth of proof that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) kills thousands of defenseless pets at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. Since 1998, PETA has opted to “put down” 21,339 adoptable dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens instead of finding homes for them.

PETA’s “Animal Record” report for 2008, filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, shows that the animal rights group killed 95 percent of the dogs and cats in its care last year. During all of 2008, PETA found adoptive homes for just seven pets.

Just seven animals — out of the 2,216 it took in. PETA just broke its own record.

At the end if the day, Mike Vick served his time, was punished under the law and deserves another shot at as a citizen. Leave him alone until he messes up again, which he won’t since the Birds are going all the way! PETA can take their $32 million budget and give it to me! YAY!


Briscoe got robbed: AND WHAT! I heard that Briscoe is back and back with some more jewels daring somebody to come get them. Ok, I made up that last part. It seems that the robbers got wind of the true implications of robbing somebody connected like Briscoe and offered to just give the stuff back. Briscoe has reportedly turned the offer down. I recommend they just send it back in a box or something and leave the state of Florida. He’s rumored to be getting some new chains as this is being typed. I hope he does! Send the old chains to me. I’ll trade them in for a new car. Thanks!


People didn’t know what to make of Charli Baltimore doing her carwashing thing, but she did it. Apparently, she was paid rather nicely to “host” a day at the car wash to drum up business. So she did it. Simple and plain. Somebody else told me another answer that Chuck was at a video shoot, but I don’t think that’s correct.


Akon’s Guitarist and Music Director, a man named Church Boi is HEATED. Read this, which was emailed to me:

For the past 6 years, official member of the konvict family, Church Boi (Cory) has been with Akon since day one before he was a superstar, he even paid for akon’s food and living when he was broke and unknown.

Akon stabbed church boi in the back after alll his loyalty by stealing and selling his material and so much more, now church boi who has produced and written for the likes of Busta Rhymes, Styles P, T-Pain and more is coming out with the true story of Akon and speaks alot of things you do not know about him.

You want the full truth about AKON and all the press, his court cases and everything you have heard about him over the least 6 years?

listen to this OFFICIAL diss record to Akon from INSIDE his own camp.

What do you think about this???? I don’t know about the autotune, homey!!!!


I don’t know what goes on in the hearts and homes of other people, but if Sara and her hubby think we are going to believe their story, they are NUTS! She says…she tripped, got hit her head on something harder than his fists and suffered a concussion. This guy, then goes to get something to help her clean up…picks up a knife and then…stabs himself. The reports say he tripped her and she then stabbed him. Now, she says she blamed the trip on her confusion of busting her head on the thing that was harder than his fists. Who knows and who cares! Sara used to be ill, but now she’s ewwww…

Here are a few of her pics for your remembrance.


Check out this report I got, you wont believe this one:

South Auckland man Paea Taufa was found roasting his pitbull terrier-cross in an umu pit at his home in Mangere, the Sunday News reports.

The dog had been skinned and gutted and was partially charred when SPCA inspectors arrived.

Taufa says he was surprised when the inspectors arrived because dog is a delicacy in Tonga.

“I didn’t know I couldn’t cook the dog. In Tonga, any time there I cook the dog and it is OK. Dog is good food.”

He had decided to cook the dog because it was too skinny and had become unmanageable. He rendered the dog unconscious with a blow to the head before slitting its throat, which is regarded as humane.

Dude got off scott free, but admitted he wouldn’t be trying to eat another dog anytime soon.


I am now turning it over to Miss Mouth. Anything you may see written in this red hue, is the color or MOUTH. Red is Miss Mouth and black is illseed so there is no confusion.


There is a supposedly a large 30x 60 confederate flag hanging over the interstate here in Tampa. Residents have been campaigning to have it removed. I don’t know if it ever was because I refuse to drive near it. Apparently its being flown from a location that is considered historical landmark, so it doesn’t have to be moved. After I got my little ticket for running the red light yesterday, I was driving behind a pickup truck that had a bumper sticker with the confederate flag on it. It read “it’s never coming down.” I have the toughest skin in the world, because I talk a lot of “ish,” but this bumper sticker really got to me. And my little nephew being in the car made me think of all of the young African American and other minority children that are being forced look at this flag daily. What message could it reinforce to them?


Christina Milian and The Dream are getting married really soon. I wonder if they plan on having children. Those children will definitely have talent. (This is illseed and this girl is being SO SARCASTIC right now. LMAO!!!!!!!)


Was Ms. Jackson in such a huge hurry, at Katsuya in Brentwood, yesterday that she forgot to pay the vale? I personally don’t believe that she was trying to be cheap, she is just going through a lot.


Could Mary J Blidge be hosting American Idol, alongside Randy, Simon and that miscalleous chick? Hotlanta, she is set to guest host the prelimary auditions there. I can honestly say that she is definitely qualified to judge an artist’s singing capabilities.


Mariah Carey is canceling her promotional appearances left & right! I hope that everything is okay?


Amerie’s album is getting pushed back until November. IS HER LABEL WORRIED IF HER RECORD WILL SELL? I really love Amerie, but I lost a lot of steam for her a few years ago. I was living in Harlem. (137th between Lennox & 7th STAND UP!!) She was being interviewed by my girl Miss Jones and was referred to as an African American woman. She then, in my opinion, slightly freaked out. I remember her saying something to the effect of (NOT VERBATIM)

“I don’t want to be categorizes as black, I am half Korean.”-Amerie

You know it took me to write that quote out, just now, to realize how ignorant I was being over that statement. She is half Korean…Duh!!!


“She is soooooo totally going to sell”- Miss Mouth


Young Joc is claiming that Bad Boy Records “is holding him back.” That’s really sad to hear. You know that I honestly wish that Diddy could bring back the prestige of Bad Boy Records. Maybe Shyne coming home soon will be the solution but is he still on Bad Boy?


Derek Blanks is becoming one of my favorite photographers. His pictures are always flawless.

People just don’t understand how much I love TAY TAY. I found a clip of her singing the “Star Spangled Banner” and she MURKED IT!!! I will post it at a later date.


50 Cent performed during Weezy’s tour. I am so glad. It is about time for everyone to start getting along because, with the exception of;

The majority of Hip Hop music isn’t that great, in my opinion. It’s time for folks to start making hits for “the streets” again. That’s the point Jay was trying to convey with “DOA.” Not that he really cares who is using autotune.

And if you haven’t noticed, well “the streets” are whom I wrote for. So all others can “Kick Rocks!!!”


“The streets” aside, I really miss Ja Rule lol. His music felt great to listen to, especially his R&B collaborations.

I could never fully understand how ONE MAN, 50 Cent, could destroy an ENTIRE RECORD LABEL beyond the point of recovery. 50 Cent should get some type of accolade for that at the next VH1 “Hip Hop Honors,” all jokes aside. If you REALLY think about it, that “ish” was historical. It has never been done in the history of Hip Hop.

And speaking of The Inc, I dislike the way folks speak ill of Irv’s relationship with his ex-wife Deb. His reality show has really made me a huge fan. He is totally honest with Deb, still supports her financially, fathered a child by another man and loved her enough to let her go. In my opinion that’s a real man.



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