Hip-Hop Rumors: Alex From ‘Black Ink Crew’ Says Producers Roofied Her While Taping

Alex Estevez of Vh1’s ‘Black Ink Crew’ alleges that she was slipped a date rape drug by the show’s producers.

Alex Estevez of Vh1’s ratchet Black Ink Crew claims the show’s producers roofied her so that she’d act sloretastic during taping, and has filed a lawsuit.

TMZ is saying that Alex is suing Big Fish Entertainment and New Pop Culture Productions over a party episode that was shot in 2012 (“Mixxxy Madness”)  where she appears extremely intoxicated and throws herself at Ceasar, the owner of the tattoo shop.

Alex began claiming that she was roofied during the episode but people in the crew denied seeing or being involved in suspicious activity. I guess she had some time to think about things because now she claims that someone connected with production handed her a drink that contained a date rape drug before taping the episode, and that it completely messed her up. Alex says she doesn’t remember anything, including hitting on Ceasar.

Alex also insists that producers edited show footage to make her look as THOTish as possible (she says she quit last June because she felt violated).

Alex’s friend Ericka, who isn’t a cast member, also says she was roofied. Both women are suing for battery and demanding at least $1,000,000.

Producers didn’t return calls.

Sounds like another case of people not liking their behavior on camera and trying to find a scapegoat to take the heat off themselves. The reality TV industry is twice as shady as the music business but one thing TV producers don’t play about is incurring lawsuits, so I don’t believe that anyone affiliated with production would be stupid enough to roofie a subject they’re filming.

Now, as far as the people in the actual crew…I wouldn’t put that past them. It sounds like a lost cause if this lawsuit moves forward, though. There’s no actual proof that she was roofied. Behavior on camera doesn’t cut it, they need evidence in the form of drug traces in your system so…


On a side note, if anyone does actually believe they’ve been roofied, it’s best to go to the hospital as soon as you make the realization. Roofies leave your system quickly.