Hip-Hop Rumors: Amber Rose To Reveal Freaky Kanye Sex Secrets?


Kanye pretty much put a nail in his coffin with Amber Rose when he said he had to take 30 showers after being with her in order to smash his now wife Kimmy.

Well allegedly West is pretty nervous about Rose’s memoir that’s going to drop, ‘How to be a Bad B####!’

HollywoodLife reports:

““Kanye and Amber were close. They shared many secrets and did a lot of freaky stuff together. But Kanye is a genius — he’s trying to force Amber to let him have a copy of her new book, or tell him exactly what’s said about him before it’s published.”

But after he basically said he had to clean her skuzz off of him to get in Kim’s good graces, how could ‘Ye really coerce her to do anything? Apparently he’s trying to just keep things real with her and ask for a little respect:

“Kanye told her flat out that if it wasn’t for him putting her on to the fame game, she wouldn’t be anything. He told her that he’s proud of her and her accomplishments, but that she should never bite the hand that fed her for all those years they were together. He thinks she owes him a little respect and wants an advanced copy of that book or manuscript. He’s trying to play nice with her, but who knows for how long.””