Hip-Hop Rumors: Amina Buddafly is Really Pregnant, Peter Gunz Still Cheating

Peter Gunz

Sources say Amina Buddafly is legit pregnant and that Peter Gunz is still cheating on her.

I just got some tidbits of messy information that picks up from the last rumor we heard about Amina Buddafly of Love and Hip-Hop. This source says that Amina Buddafly really is pregnant by hubby Peter Gunz. There’s speculation floating around about the alleged pregnancy that she has neither confirmed nor denied. However, said source says it’s official.

Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz are still married and living together but Peter Gunz is not doing right by wifey. He allegedly still cheats on her, like we’re surprised, and Amina is still holding on to the hope that she and Gunz can be a happy family.

The rest of us call that turning a blind eye, but were we really shocked? No.

You know what the old folks say, how you get ’em is how you keep ’em, a leopard won’t change it’s spot and all that jazz.