HIP-HOP RUMORS: Beans Disses Kanye

Today’s rumors are not sponsored by Beanie Sige aka The Broad Street Bully. LL COOL J RETURN TO TV! LL Cool J has a new TV series coming out I’m hearing. Yeah. I heard this show is going to emerge mid-season later this year on CBS. The name: “The Man.” Yes, that is correct. And […]

Today’s rumors are not sponsored by Beanie Sige aka The Broad Street Bully.


LL Cool J has a new TV series coming out I’m hearing. Yeah. I

heard this show is going to emerge mid-season later this year on CBS.

The name: “The Man.” Yes, that is correct. And the show is a cop show

so hopefully it is about “the man” that watches all the rappers and

violates their rights like the NYPD!


A homey hit me up on myspace and suggested that we start the “Djimon

Hounsu as Black Panther” campaign! I think its a great thing. Tyrese as

Luke Cage and Amistad as Black Panther? That would be classic! Reggie

Hudlin, holla at the kid!


Sean “Diddy” Combs stands accused, according to the NY Daily News. The

rapper allegedly tried to hit choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, who

stars with him on “Making Of The Band.” Mike Bivens was apparently a

guest judge on the show. Well, people are saying that Biv grabbed her

as a chair came her way. This was reportedly captured on video camera.

Gibson was fighting with both Diddy and Biv according to the report.

The incident allegedly took place on April 25 as MTV taped. According

to this report Biv held her to let Diddy hit her with a chair? Sounds

weird to me and my common sense. Anyway, a complaint was filed and I

heard Diddy demanded that the cameras be shut down. (If you didn’t

know, Gibson was fired.)


No beats for Beanie…not from those two at least. Hahahahaahah! Beans

is going to kill it when he returns. Lets pray he doesn’t kill ‘Ye and

Skateboard P….lmao!

Peace to Viv aka illflower!

Shout out to QD3!


I admit, I don’t watch this new crop of reality shows, but I’m

still getting rumors on them. I know who wins “Charm School,” but I

can’t say. All I can say is that the winner should have won “Flavor of

Love.” I also heard that there is going to be a new version of Charm

School – with the men of “I Love New York.” Also, big shout out to Like

Dat or Darra, who represented for the fam…Thanks a lot. Love, love!


From the ladies at Official Femcees, I must be the bearer of

bad news. I’m hearing that Foxy’s article in the July issue of VIBE

Vixen may have been thrown out. Mya on the cover, not Fox and I heard

they never spoke to the brown bombshell. On the flip side, the Foxy fan

site, foxboogie.com is getting very upset, ’cause they can’t get a damn

album out of their favorite rapper. Here is a pic sent to me from a

recent fundraiser with Al Sharpton.


Well, 50 Cent might own the G-Unot brand now, but The Game had it

first. I suppose what happened was The Game allowed the application to

expire and so it was scooped up by The Game. I guess there was no

viable market to sell G-Unot clothing or apparel. The Game had all

sorts of stuff planned according to the filing. I just don’t want any

khaki G-Unot shirts.


It has been recorded that I’m a fan of that cat J-Kwon, you know, Mr.

Hood Hop. Well, he’s been out of the light since he seemingly got

caught up in JD’s Label Hop. There is a new kid on the block and his

name is Huey. Well, Huey (Mr. Pop Lock and Drop It) was allegedly on

the radio today talking about how he does not like J-Kwon. The DJ on

the local radio brought up J-Kwon’s name and Huey was like, “I don’t

like him. He hatin’ on me already, puttin me in songs.” Huey allegedly

already has a few diss songs. Oh, by the way…this was in Milwaukee,

not The Lou.


Eve has been arrested for driving under the influence, but that

hasn’t affected her ability to get the party popping. The rapper, who

has a hot song in “Tambourine,” is actually a former bartender. Well,

she tended to the bar at an East Village spot called Angels & Kings

recently and got it started. She hopped behind the bar and started

serving the customers. She then attracted all the heavy drinkers in the

house. I heard people were throwing all kinds of money on the bar. Eve,

being the good soul that she is, gave all the tips to the bartenders on

duty. Oh, she also bought the whole crowd a round of shots. I’m

assuming she was a responsible person that night. 😉


I just heard of him, but there is a firestorm of controversy

surrounding him. I really became aware of him via the funky atheist

Bill Maher. The Republican National Committee (RNC) is trying to ban

Congressman Ron Paul from the next televised Presidential debates, from

what I heard. The thing is, he’s been winning the debates.


Biggie’s biopic has been picked up by Fox Searchlight.

Shout out to my Scottish homey T.Lothario. Nas is going to get there eventually, I’m sure!

Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson were reportedly over in London

chillling and shopping yesterday. Nothing else, just holding hands and

having fun.

I heard that Webstar just got a new deal with J Records with a

new group called The Stack Boyz. You can hear his work on the internet.

I’m not mad.

I CAN’T SAY NAMES! I heard a certain New York rapper got beat down in

his own city. I mean, stuff happens. I heard he was pulled out of his

car and served. Sad.


A teacher speaks on the videos I posted the other day. He’s not

buying the parents need to raise their kids thing. Basically, many kids

are raising themselves. Read the UNEDITED letter. Raw, I’ma give it to

ya, like cocaine straight from Bolivia.

Peace and blessings brother. Today I’m writing to you in regards to a

video you posted with Rapper T.I. answering a question previously posed

to 50 Cent. Not quoting the rapper , but he responded to the question

by saying basically that Rappers, entertainers, and sports figures are

not responsible for the action of kids in relation to what they view on

television. He stated that the parents at home are responsible for

their own kid’s actions. My question is who is? I worked two years at

Taft High School located in the Bronx. Which was considered one of the

worst high schools in N.Y. until they closed their doors down last year

to make room for four new schools? My primary role in one of the

schools was instilling discipline in the students. Which I would later

learn would be an enormous task. The majority of the students that

attended the school were either fatherless, had irresponsible parents,

went in and out of jail or had parents that were on drugs. The thing

that I want to know is how are these kids supposed to receive guidance

at home? Even the parents that tried hard to raise their kids were not

effective, due to the pressure these kids faced from their peers. One

thing that I did notice which I wouldn’t believe if I never worked in a

high school. These kids had the utmost respect for the rapper that

displayed the most ignorance and was well respected in the streets.

Being that I was not a rapper I heard these kids speak without any

regards of me being in their presence. A few things I learned were they

wanted to emulate their favorite rapper and fully believed in them.

They were not trying to hear me without force, but I was the one who

really cared for them. I was the one who made sure I policed myself in

their presence in order to set an example. I was the one not trying to

be “cool” with them, so I wouldn’t sacrifice the respect they had for

me. At the end of the day rappers, entertainers, sports figures or

anybody who claims to care for the kids are responsible. But who am I

an educated black who makes a living honestly and also cares for the

kids. Sincerely Yours V.A


Who remembers Turbo from the movie “Breakin’,” which was a Hip-Hop

dance classic. It was cheesy, but Turbo was the break out star. No pun

intended. Check out this tribute somebody did.



Happy Birthday, Malcolm! Shout out to Lorraine Hansberry, who shares the same May 19th birthday as Malcolm.

Mos Def reads Mr. X.

We are living in a police state.


We should call Hip-Hop “Star Wars” from here on. because our stars are at war! Click here for the previous rumors update!

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