Hip-Hop Rumors: BET Awards Rumors, ATL Is Hot, Diddy Slapping Fire?

THE BET HIP-HOP AWARDS   Well, I heard a lot of stuff went on over the BET weekend. It’s so much, I can’t even really relay all that I heard. I will try.    I heard Katt Williams was very good. I got a quote where he said of Michael Vick, “I’m not saying what […]



Well, I heard a lot of stuff went on over the BET weekend. It’s so much, I can’t even really relay all that I heard. I will try. 


I heard Katt Williams was very good. I got a quote where he said of Michael Vick, “I’m not saying what he did was right, but we killed 30 Iraqis today.”


The crowd really loved and respected Common.


Lil’ Wayne performed and really got into it. He got so into it, that when he finished, he threw everything on the ground – his glasses, his coat and other stuff – and went into the crowd. He was hugging his family, Baby and his kids.


JD and Keyshia Cole are about the same height.


Krs-One mentioned on air, to the crowd that they are working on an updated version of “Stop The Violence” aka “Self Destruction.” KRS took home the “I Am Hip-Hop” Icon Award, which was presented by Dr. Cornel West.


Somebody saw Terrence J attempting to lift up the booty of Deelishus of “Flavor of Love” who was in the crowd.


I don’t know which one, but I heard one of the “Flavor of Love” chicks wasn’t allowed to walk the red carpet. I also heard that the same chick bought her ticket from a website that didn’t make it.


During the course of the show, T.I. was on everybody’s mind, I heard. Wyclef, Busta Rhymes and Alpha Mega performed in his honor. The only thing is,  nobody knew Tip’s raps, I heard. On top of that, I heard it seemed that T.I. was there, but it was actually Katt clowning.  T.I. was supposed to be the closer of the show, but you will see who actually does that.




JD and BET had the really big party over the weekend at his Club 72. I heard it was pretty poppin’ like popping corn. Nelly and Ashanti came out to the place, but only Nelly did the red carpet. Good too see them going strong. I don’t know for sure, but I think that Ludacris showed up as well. I heard others came through, but I don’t know. Rumor has it, the ladies were looking fantastic.


There were other parties that day that went well too.




Ne-Yo had a midnight breakfast at his studio Compound in the A. I heard the studio is really nice and a lot of the socialites in the area came though. I heard BET’s Deb Lee was there, as was Trina the Diamond Princess. People ate waffles, grits and turkey bacon.


On Sunday, Minister Louis Farrakhan had a brunch with many in the Hip-Hop Nation.From what I heard, it was a great event. I heard Chuck D, Prof. Griff were there with the S1W’s. Here is a listing of the other people I heard were there: Killer Mike, Teddy Riley, Dougie Fresh, Diamond D, No ID, Organized Noise, Cee-Lo, David Banner, DJ Toomp, N’Dea Davenport of the Brand New Heavies. I will have more information on the Minister’s speech, but right now, I don’t have that information.


Also on Sunday, DJ Drama had a video shoot for his album. I heard that there was a pretty damn somber vibe, because T.I. is now incarcerated. Tip was supposed to be in the video, but was MIA due to the feds. Still, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Freekey Zeekey were there together, showing Dipset is still very strong. This video seems to be cool from what I heard.


DJ Khaled was there in The A doing a video too. I don’t know. I think it was a remix for “I’m So Hood.” Fat Joe was there in a very boss-like capacity. So was Rick Ross. Young Berg was in the house. So was Cassidy. Busta Rhymes, Slim Thug, Dougie Fresh, Jalil from Whodini and KRS-One reportedly showed up to support. I heard Baby from Cash Money was very late getting to the video shoot.


Rumor has is Disturbing Tha Peace had a bowling party at midnight Monday morn.


Lil’ Wayne stayed at one of the very ritzy hotels in the Atlanta and he was very cool. I heard he took pictures with people and didn’t trip with all the people requesting pictures.


The Girls from Crime Mob were spotted all over the city at various events.


T.I. has a day in court today.




I don’t know what happened, but I heard Diddy slapped the fire out of this dude down with Dame Dash named “Stevie.” I mean, I don’t know what happened, but the rumor says Stevie and Diddy got into some sort of an altercation over a girl. I can’t really say what happened. I heard there was a verbal spat and a two-piece to the noggin. Now, some say it was a slap and other say it was a pair of punches. Then Diddy’s security got into it and handled their biz. Anyway, this Stevie dude is in the video for Dame’s “International Grizzly.”


See below.







We know that the Feds got T.I.,but I am hearing word that they bumrushed his house and arrested his girl Tiny as well in their ongoing investigation. I mean, I hope not. Sheeeeeeeesh! I honestly have not read any media reports on this case (not even AHH) and I’m hearing that Tip allegedly was coppin’ in response to some sort of fight. Hey, I am willing to be ignorant on this one. I’m just hoping the homey T.I. isn’t guilty of what they are accusing him of. It would be like a mouse gettign caught going for the cheese.




According to young black and fabulous, Lauryn Hill is pregnant by her man Rohan. Well, they aren’t together so I guess he is a baby daddy.


Did you all hear about Foxy missing a court date because her hair and makeup weren’t done? Jail doesn’t have a stylist as far as I know.


Wu Tang is coming back, but it’s looking like a rocky road with all the rumored infighting, More on this later, but it’s not far off from what I said before.


I am hearing Timbaland is all set to produce most of Beyonce’s next CD.


A Jadakiss CD on Def Jam might actually come under the Roc-A-Fella brand.


Bizzy Bone isn’t back with Bone Thugs, but he’s got a solo CD on the way. I also heard that he was at the BET Rap Awards and was ready to mingle with a certain white female in the music game.


Young Jeezy is rumored to be working on his new CD. I heard Jeezy was all over ATL doing work. I heard he opened a clothing store in the A as well.


My Free obsession just won’t go away. She has a new song (new to me at least) with Faith Evans. Click the link below for the vid.




R.I.P. to Big Moe.


Peace – one thing I learned over the weekend. 1) Respect your life and 2) Be careful. One wrong decision and your life changes course on a dime. More rumors later in the day.



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