Hip Hop Rumors: Beyonce and Jay-Z Beef Up Security


As the couple kicks off their ‘On the Run’ tour today in Miami, Bey and Jay have decided to amp up the security to protect their family.

According to ContactMusic,

“The team will include 16 personal bodyguards on 24 hour watch and a 40-man security support group which will be increased on performance days by 21 specialist bouncers, 300 crowd security staff and a further 50 trained team members to stop potential stage stormers.

Venues including the famous Rose Bowl in Los Angeles have also increased their own security personnel to protect Beyoncé, 32, Jaz Z, 44, and their young daughter from potential ”stalkers and kidnappers”.
”They will not stop short of covering every aspect of their security, from crazed fans to potential stalkers and the unthinkable – kidnappers. Their security needs are like a military operation.”

That’s cool and all, but just in case, can this small army stop Solange from delivering another beatdown?