Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris and Rihanna Engaged? Katt Gets Pimp Slapped! Jennifer Hudson Turns Obama Down?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE DAILY TWO CENTS All my people that saw something and said something, thanks! IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING – allhiphoprumors@gmail.com. Also, AllHiphop.com is now […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



All my people that saw something and said something, thanks!

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHINGallhiphoprumors@gmail.com. Also, AllHiphop.com is now on twitter – http://twitter.com/allhiphopcom.

CHRIS POPPED THE QUESTION?UPDATE: Chris Brown’s camp has denied this is true, but a picture of Rihanna with a huge rock on her ring finger seems to be refuting his statement.

Damn, I heard Chris Brown went and popped the question to RiRi. I saw this on Bossip, but remember my rumors bout them buying some property in Virginia, where Chris is from originally. Anyway, he reportedly popped the question on New Year’s. I know there is no time limit on marriage, but they seem a bit young to be getting fully married. I mean, I’ve been chronicling this but I didn’t think it would actually GO DOWN. We shall see how true it is and if she actually accepted.


It was supposed to be a celebration of…gentlemanship, but it didn’t go down like that. A club in Seattle promoted heavily that Ne-Yo would be there on New Year’s or something like that. But….it didn’t go down like that. The issue is people were hyped up and bought tickets to go to the Hilton Bellevue for some sort of Afterparty that seemed to feature Ne-Yo. I said “seemed,” because the party flier never actually said, “Ne-Yo Will Be Here.” But from what I saw, Ne-Yo’s image and website were included on the flier to strongly suggest that he’d be there. Well, he never came, because he was doing his thing at the Times Square party in New York. Uh..needless to say people are still mad. This is what somebody sent me:

Neyo was scheduled to perform in Bellevue, Wa for NYE

Bellevue is across the lake from Seattle. Big baller type of city. It’s next to Redmond which holds Nintendo and Microsoft.

Some promoter hired DJ’s and local artists to perform before NEYO’s midnight performance. The show was all over the radio. The fliers are all over myspace.

Anyway, A few of us, including me, decided that it was a lie. Why would NEYO, a current A-Lister, come to Wa on NYE? NYC has televised programs and shows for celebs.

Of course, NEYO didn’t show and a lot of people were upset. They spent up to 150.00 per ticket.


Somebody told me “they know for sure” that Katt Williams showed up at a club called Cutters and the comic got slapped up for cracking jokes on somebody. Now the person he allegedly was clowning was wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat and gave him the business. Somebody asked Kat if he was OK and he said, “No, I’m not OK, didn’t you see me just get slapped?”


Now, we all know that it has been a really tough few months for J-Hud after she lost all sorts of family in the most tragic fashion in 08. Well, I am hearing that she’s simply nor ready to be in the public light. I heard that she had every opportunity to be center stage at the inauguration of Barack Obama later this month. BUT, I heard Jennifer Hudson is so real that she turned it down. Now, I don’t know why she turned it down, if the rumor is true, but I think she just needs more time. If that happened to me, I wouldn’t recover, I don’t think. I believe she is going to have to make a gradual reentry into the mainstream again. Or maybe she decided to let Beyonce get that? I dunno!


Diddy be damned, I heard Aubrey formerly of Danity Kane is going to be doing Playboy. I heard they offered the young hottie an offer she couldn’t refuse. I heard she was presented with a $500k offer to appear as the centerfold and she happily accepted. That’s a really nice thing for her to do for us. It’s not like she hasn’t done things already. We just need to see the nipples and the cipher is complete.



I heard Coolio is going to be on the UK’s “Big Brother” show.

Kanye West confirmed his shoe through Louie. Why don’t I care? Maybe ‘cuz I can’t afford ‘em?

And didn’t Louie V and them sue T.I.? SMH.

Dru Hill has a new reality show coming called “Platinum House.” They will plot out their return to the music game.

I heard the Bernie Madoff scandal might have sent Kevin Bacon straight to the poor house! Bernie scammed money in the sum of $50 billion from all sorts of people from filthy rich to middle class.Click here to ready Lil Kim’s interview with Hip-Hop Weekly.


Jim Jones didn’t answer MTV’s queries about Ne-Yo, but he did make a blanket statement:

“I apologize for all my assaultings.”

Melyssa Ford denounces Superhead…again:

”It’s because of behavior of recent girls in videos and books such as Confessions of a Video Vixen. Books like this definitely don’t help and Karine’s story doesn’t represent all video girls. It’s sad to be defined as something you are completely not.”


Check this out:

The King of The South, T.I, was seen few weeks ago leaving a Atlanta recording studio with Scarface & was quoted saying:

“I personally think the next southern city to blow is San Antonio & Baton Rouge…. They got something special down there.”

T.I is also making noise for his signing of San Antonio production duo, Frequency Revolution!

Word is Tip & Uncle Face working on a “Gangsta Grillz” together w/ Drama call “Face The Kings” dropping in Feb.

I hear Killer Mike maybe hosting the tape too!

He also says Young Dro & Yung LA got a new mixtape dropping in Jan.


I really didn’t have any resolutions, but now I do. I am going to keep doing what I do. Here we go. Oakland subway police are tripping. A BART police officer was trying to handcuff a man and apparently was overwhelmed at the task. Why? Well, the officer aborted the mission of handcuffing 22-year-old Oscar Grant III and stood above him and fired a shot killing him. This idiot cop did this in front of a bunch of other cops AND a person on a train caught the footage on tape. Grant was facedown on his stomach when this coward killed him. The family has already sued for $25 million and they are hoping to get the city to file murder charges against this rogue cop. How did this happen? Well, about five cops responded to claims of a fight on the train. Grant got up in the mix, but they haven’t stated if he was in the fight.

Here is what a couple witnesses said to policelink.com:

“First, an officer grabbed Oscar by the neck and pushed him against the wall. Oscar didn’t fight him, but he didn’t go down either. He was like, ‘What did I do?’ Then another officer came up with his Taser and held it right in his face. Oscar said, ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t Taser me, I have a daughter,’ over and over again, real fast, and he sat down.”

“One officer was kneeling over his neck and head, and another standing over him,” Burris said. “He was not kicking, and one officer was pulling on his arm. The standing officer pulled out his weapon and, within moments, fired the gun into Mr. Grant’s back.”

Damn shame and damn evil. Read the whole story here, along with a more comprehensive report.


Did you see the “Dirtiest b***h” as yesterday’s fail of the day on illseed.com? Click here for that. This chick is nuts on New Year’s Eve.

I don’t know who these dudes are so this is nothing personal, but this mixtape cover is in such poor taste, I had to call it an EPIC FAIL.

Just to let you know, I’m not “hating” on DJ Big Lou Da Mayor & Hutch Daddy Dolla …click here if you are down to download. They have some good song…the cover is off to me.


Ed Lover Talks to Jim Jones’ Mother.

I really do understand her point, but I wonder what Jim thinks about this because when she speaks on the rap game taking these wrong turns, it sounds like she is talking about her son. Momma Jones wants you rappers to stop the nonsense and get back to making records. Sounds like a good idea to me. Thanks to 50 for the audio.

Q-Tip’s Already Plotting Out 2009

I remember getting bulletins from Q-Tip a while back in reference to his album, Kamaal The Abstract. He was trying this grassroots kind of movement to get people to call, write or email his label in reference to releasing the album. Or there may have even been a petition I think. Anyway, we know it never happened, but there is now light at the end of the tunnel. According to Newsweek, Q-Tip’s regained the rights to that album and may be putting it out himself this year. I wish him luck with that. It’s been floating around for years, but still deserves a proper introduction to the audience.

T.I. Getting Sued Again

According to the AJC, the attorneys for LaShon Dixon, the mother of two of T.I.’s boys, are suing T.I. for some unpaid legal bill from Dixon’s request for extra child support. I guess he was supposed to pay for her attorneys as well as his own. Funny thing is, she only got like an extra $1,000 per month with her child support case, but her lawyers are suing T.I. for an $8000 bill? Sounds like the suits came out better than the kids in this situation.

Soulja Boy Knew His Robbers?

I don’t know, but folks are suggesting that he may have known the armed bandits because they were calling him some nickname reserved for the fam during the robbery and since the incident, he has both moved and refused to cooperate with the police. I hope all is as well as it can be.

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