Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown’s Got A Sextape and MORE Twitter Temper!?!


Breezy Gets Down on $50,000 Sex Tape with a “Basketball Wife”?!

MTO is reporting that there is a mystery person trying to shop a sex tape featuring Chris Brown and Draya Michele of “Basketball Wives” fame (if you even want to call it that). The seller is looking for around $50,000 as payment for the tape. MTO also has stated that they’ve seen the much talked about footage and decided to pass on purchasing it due to the seller’s asking price. Breezy’s team is denying all reports and told TMZ very adamantly, “The report is absolutely not true.” … Stay tuned for more…

This rumor comes on the heels of Brown’s explosive Twitter tirade yesterday: “Don’t say sh– to anybody and everyone feels its cool to attack me. GROWN ADULTS!!!! That sh– happened three years ago,” tweeted a frustrated Breezy. TWITTER GETS WACK REAL FAST! I LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT MY MUSIC! i never said i was a LEGEND. people please grow up. Ive never dealt with so much negativity in my life! its to the point now that its just ridiculous! IM NOT A POLITICIAN! MY MUSIC DOESNT PROMOTE VIOLENCE nor will it ever! only thing it will increase is the pregnacy rate! I wake up thinking of living my life….. YOU wake up thinking of me! NOW I REALLY CANT WAIT FOR THE AMA’s! u dont have to respect me now… but u will. I know a lot of you wack ass (OLD) celebrities probably wanna f— my ex, but talking sh-t on me wont get you far! and to be REALLY HONEST, ya’ll wonder why ni— spazzes all the time?

It sounds like dude just needs a vacation or some time away from the outlets that instantly spread his word to millions of people across the world (cough Twitter cough). On the other side of things, tell the people how you really feel, Chris!