Hip-Hop Rumors: D. Woods Says Danity Kane Kicked Her Out the Group

D. Woods claims that Danity Kane excluded her from their reunion despite them claiming otherwise.

Danity Kane always seems to be surrounded by drama. Diddy initially dismantled the group because they weren’t getting along and therefore being productive, so each woman went her own way.

They recently got back together but D. Woods was noticeably absent. Initially, Woods tried to take the PR fluff route by saying she wasn’t a part of the group because she was committed to several personal projects that tied her up throughout the year.

Current members of the group shaded D. Woods by saying that the people who are performing in the current version of the group are the people who wanted to be there but D. Woods wasn’t having it.

D. Woods clapped back after getting wind of that statement and told TMZ that she learned about the reunion with the rest of the world, and that none of the other girls had even reached out to her about performing.

Aubrey O’Day then took to Instagram with a catty remark saying, “Do you spend your time takin interviews.. or do you work?”

D. Woods’ responded via twitter with, “That was cute @aubreyoday my attorney will be coming for my cut off that WORK #stillusingmyvocals.”

There’s obviously a billion sides to this story but it seems like D. Woods is still holding on to her grudge.

Either way, it’s petty.