Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Drake Put A Hit Out On A Stripper?


Drake loves them strippers, he’s never made a secret of that, but according to MediaTakeout this time around, he may have fallen for the wrong one.

A popular Houston stripper by the name of Jhonni Blaze (you know the one who reportedly had a miscarriage onstage during one of her sets) is claiming to be knocked up my the ‘Take Care’ rapper, and now he’s sent them goons after that a**.

MediaTakout reports:

“So here’s what happened. According to Jhonni, Drake and Jhonni have been messing around for the past 3 months. Jhonni claims it was MORE THAN JUST a jumpoff-type relationship, she says the two of them had “feelings” for each other. For example, Drake spent an entire week together, where they made MUSIC together, and spent every night in each others arms. She really believed that she was “special” to Drake.

The two of them had sex – A LOT OF SEX, and it was all UNPROTECTED. Jhonni told MediaTakeOut.com, “I asked him why he messed with me with no condom, what if I get pregnant. He said ‘I’m not worried about that, I just want to give you the best of me’. He wanted to feel all of me. He ate me out. He kissed me. He’s a loving sexual person.”

The two have had RELATIONS on his last TWO visits to Houston (where she danced at V Live). Jhonni explains, “I know it’s dumb, but I really believed that Drake and I were meant for each other.”

Of course, when Jhonni learned that Drake MOVED ANOTHER Houston stripper named Lira Galore INTO HIS TORONTO HOME – she went ballistic. You see, Lira and Jhonni were good friends. Jhonni told MediaTakeOut.com, “I tried calling Drake, texting him, asking him what happened, but he CURVED me.”

But Jhonni is no DUMMY – she had an INSURANCE POLICY. You see, whenever the two had RELATIONS . . . Drake would FINISH IN HER MOUTH. Well, Jhonni saved ALL OF DRAKE’S DNA . . . and she allegedly USED IT ON HERSELF. She now believes that she’s PREGNANT with Drake’s child.

But here’s where things get CRAZY. Jhonni claims that when Drake found out what she was up to . . . he threatened her, and eventually SENT GOONS TO HER JOB AND HER HOME. Jhonni claims that the thugs came to her job – and when then found out that she WASN’T THERE – they left a THREAT WITH HER co-worker. Then the next day came to her home and BROKE DOWN HER DOOR and threatened her life.

She was so scared that she FILED A POLICE REPORT IN HOUSTON. Jhonni told us that Drake is now WANTED FOR QUESTIONING in Houston.”

SMH. Don’t kno wis this one is believable or not, but Drake does have a tendency of falling for…well…I’ll just say the wrong ones.