Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Meek Mills Step Into Some Real Cali Beef?


Uh OH. So, Meek Mil is the hottest thing in the streets these days – literally! A lot of rappers are just fronting and all that, but Meek is clearly the truth. Only thing is, he may not have done his history on this new one. Because I am hearing he made a critical error in judgement in Cali. Apparently, there is an OG out there that requested Meek on a song or a compilation album. And this OG – who I am not going to mention – hit up Meek. Seems like Meek blew this Quadruple OG’s request off and was like “I don’t know you so I’m not doing it.” Now, before I continue, I want to stress that this person is extremely highly regarded in every way out in Cali. The OG Gangster is known for creating peace, but is also known to have ties that can get you tied up, if you know what I’m saying. So, basically Meek didn’t know this. I can understand since he’s new and this dude was “active” in the 80’s – maybe the 70’s! He makes Suge salute! Now, the OG is mad and he’s seemingly making it tight for Meek as he tours out West. From what I was told, Meek is in and out. Do a show, stay low. And there is no shame in that, because this man isn’t one you trifle with. I know Meek often refers to his “old heads” from Philly. Based on what I’ve been told, he’s probably should have spoke to one before he made any sudden moves. Maybe this is a rumor, but I’m hearing its fact.

There are a couple clues in this rumor for you to figure out who the OG is, but I’m not saying! Source: illseed.com

Email me who you think it is and I’ll let you know if you are correct. kingillseed@gmail.com!


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