Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Nicki Plot To “Steal” Diddy!? Lil Wayne Jail Rumors! Bobby Brown Still MIA?!

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE Yo…real talk. Jay-Z did the right thing for not messing with Game on the rap battle tip. Dude is a BEAST. Here is […]



All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.


Yo…real talk. Jay-Z did the right thing for not messing with Game on the rap battle tip. Dude is a BEAST. Here is the video for “400 Bars.”video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Oh..more real talk. Tell me the game does not NEED Eminem?


Bobby Brown…you there, buddy? Wave your arm. Get arrested. Go to court. Do something. We just want to know that you are alive. As I mentioned yesterday, there is this super crazy rumor that Bobby is dead. Still nobody seems to be able to refute that he is not dead. In my heart, I know he is alive…but I am looking for proof. Click here if you want the full rumor about Bobby.


I’ll be the first one to admit, I’m not a gangster like the e-thugs. I am under the impression that neither is Lil Wayne. Now, I am not one to question his street cred at all. Here is what I am hearing from a CO in Rikers. I heard – as we have heard before – that Wayne is pretty much to himself. From what I am getting, he seems to be to himself even with the Blood gang members that are in the place with him. If you don’t know, Wayne is a flag waving member of the Blood gang. But I am hearing, he’s not doing any jail house walk-bys with the homies. I am being told that some of the Blood brothers are not so happy about this, because he is supposed to be one of them. Well, I guess Weezy is just looking to do his time and get out of there safe. I heard that some of the homies were throwing signs at Wayne, but Weezy is really…just keeping it moving. Some apparently feel that this is disrespectful. I agree with Wayne..do the time and get on with your RAP career.


Before I get into this recent mess of a rumor, I want to clear up another. Usher is not going to get dropped by his label at all. I don’t know what is up with dude and his music, but he’s not getting released at all.

SO…on to the next one.

Apparently, over at theybf.com, they are reporting that Usher is now an engaged man. Remember that older babe he liked? Grace Miguel is her name and they are also saying URSH and she are about to have another baby.

Opps…uhmmm..,Usher and his people have denied that he is engaged and that notion that he is about to have another child. So, you can basically forget everything I just wrote.

In the meantime, Usher’s ex-wife was reduced to a classless gossiper at the sight of her ex with his new babe and her kids.


Where do these people come from and can they be more childlike? I’m just saying – GROW UP!


Here is Jim Jones talking about the peace treaty with Cam’Ron.


Drake borrows a bit from dead prez. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since “[Bigger Than] Hip-Hop.”

“Uh, one thing ’bout music When it hit you feel no pain White folks says it controls your brain I know better than that That’s game

and we ready for that Two soldiers head of the pack”

dead prez -2000

“One thing ’bout music, when it hits you feel no pain

And I swear I got that s### that make these b###### go insane

So they tell me that they love me, I know better than that, it’s just game

It’s just what comes with the fame, and I’m ready for that, I’m just sayin’” Drake 2010

Shout out to Sweeney! Oh yeah. ..I might add that first line is actually credited to Bob Marley in a song “Trenchtown.”

Dead prez!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets get into some more music with meaning.


Remember Divine Brown? She is the prostitute that was arrested with actor Hugh Grant way back in 1995. Pretty infamous. Well, she is trying to get a reality show.

The man that supposedly killed Malcolm X is out on parole now. I wonder if he was an agent of the government.

Charlamagne got a job down in his native North Carolina! Congrats homey! Remember there were rumors that Charlamagne got fired after he had Beans on his previous Philly job talking about Jay-Z. I think that’s it. DID NICKI PLAN THIS DIDDY SWOOP!?

Hey, did you know that Nicki rapped, “I’m plotting on how I can take Cassie away from Diddy”? I didn’t realize it until DRiX reminded me. Looks like she got what she wanted. I wonder if Diddy’s son feels a way about it since Nicki was his date for his 16th. Poor kid. Daddy took his gal. LOL!!!!!


Peep This:

In a bid to raise cash and keep the peace in crowded jails, wardens nationwide are offering inmates the chance to order meatball subs, cheeseburgers, chicken parmesan—even a “Pizza and Wings Party Pack,” complete with celery, blue cheese and a Pepsi.

The program goes beyond the old-fashioned prison commissary, with its cup-a-soups and bags of chips, and it can be quite lucrative for corrections departments.

“We have to be creative in tough fiscal times,” said Edwin G. Buss, commissioner of Indiana’s Department of Correction.

But critics worry the service will trigger jealousies, promote unhealthy diets and coddle prisoners.

The service, launched in 2006 by food-service giant Aramark Corp., took off in the past two years amid the recession. Inmates—or, more often, their relatives—place orders on Aramark’s “iCare” Web site. The company tailors its menus to each jail’s rules.

Prices generally run $7 to $12 for a hot meal and $20 to $100 for a junk-food box filled with beef jerky, iced cookies, vanilla cappuccino or other goodies not available in the commissary.

The Indiana state prison system is on track to make more than $2 million this year on sales from the service. In San Antonio, Texas, the Bexar County jail, which makes 45 cents on every dollar in sales, projects its revenue could hit $500,000.


– I will cite when given.


Hey Illseed,

This is my OPEN letter to Hip Hop. Please forward this to the Hip Hop world.


First and foremost, please understand that you, the customer, control HIP HOP. Not the artists, not the radio, and certainly not the old white guys at the heads of these labels. These people have a lot of power but if they don’t produce the numbers that is expected of them, they will eventually become POWERLESS. You and I are those numbers.

Together we can make changes.

It all started last week when that Lauren Hill video from TMZ was posted on the net. Then Illseed posted a short interview of her and at the bottom he wrote “She is so Smart”. A couple of days later, i was cleaning up and I decided to put in a CD instead of just turning on my itunes. I had to use my blu-ray player cause my CD player wasn’t even hooked up. LOL. It’s been that long. Anyways, i put in the “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”

Wow, what have WE done to HIP HOP???

That album is a masterpiece. That is Music. PLEASE, I BEG ALL OF YOU THAT READ THIS LETTER TO LISTEN TO THAT ALBUM AGAIN, AND IF YOU NEVER HEARD IT PLEASE LISTEN TO IT FOR THE FIRST TIME TODAY. Its very important to listen to the entire album from the beginning to the end and in the the proper sequence.  Listen to that album and only buy albums that MATCH THE GREATNESS OF IT and we can change HIP HOP back to what it was.

Artist don’t make albums anymore, and i know why. It’s because in today’s industry artists are forced into thinking only about the GIMMICKS: the ring tones, the merchandising, etc…(a. Gimmick: A device employed to cheat, deceive, or trick, especially a mechanism for the secret and dishonest control),  But all these gimmicks wouldn’t be so relevant right now if artists made good music. Gimmicks were invented because your album sucks and your single sounds more like a jingle then a song.  Your label and management have to think up of crazy ways to make themselves money because they know a jingle when they hear one. Note to artist: I said make themselves some money.THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, or us

Let me get back to us, the people, the customer. People please stop calling your radio stations, e-mail video stations and requesting this wack music. These artist can make better music, believe me. We can make them change.

HIP HOP needs all of its categories: Underground, Main Stream, Pop HIP HOP, Ganster Rap, Rap, Back Packer, Hip Hop Soul, etc……, but it doesn’t need all the junk in between.

Lastly, i know a bunch of you are going to say that there is a lot of good HIP HOP out right now but i’m talking about HIP HOP that can be played on the radio and win a Grammy for Album of The Year.  Anytime a good artist tries to go commercial, all they make is JUNK.

PS. If any body thinks “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” is not a HIP HOP album then you need to do more then just read this letter, you need to re-learn what HIP HOP really is.

Thanks Illseed,

PS. I read the rumors everyday and it was funny when you were having some problems with ALLHIPHOP.com and the Staff was posting the rumors…LOL @ the staff. You aint Illseed, but nice try cause we all had a good laugh. BOBBY



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