Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Phaedra Parks Leave Apollo Months Ago?

Word on the street is that Phaedra Parks allegedly left Apollo months ago.

The rumormill has been on fire about the status of Phaedra Parks’ relationship with Apollo Nida ever since their introduction to the public via Real Housewives of Atlanta. Lately, that has been times 10 due to Apollo’s recent arrest for identity theft.  The new report is that Phaedra Parks may have left Apollo months ago.

RealityTea reports:

Way back in September, Apollo’s car was searched and his laptop seized by the feds. A few weeks after learning of his criminal activity, Phaedra reportedly kicked Apollo out of the house and limited their interaction to media appearances and co-parenting for the sake of their joint endeavors such as Phine Body.

Interesting, considering the two attended Kandi Burruss‘ New Years Eve party together and have been spotted numerous times at various events, such as the recent inauguration of the Atlanta mayor and a trip to NYC to see Kandi in Newsicals. Phaedra also posted a photo celebrating her birthday with Apollo. But as many have pointed out there are no photos of the couple at home in the last few months!

Sandra Rose reported a similar but alleged that Apollo has a mistress:

But wait until you see the young breezy that Apollo was taking afternoon naps with while Phaedra was at home caring for his chirren. I wouldn’t be surprised if Phaedra herself tipped the feds off to get him thrown back in prison to get back at this young girl. And, that’s not all: Bravo’s producers want her to come on the show to tell her side of the story — his jump off, that is.

Other whispers are saying that Phaedra has officially changed the locks. There’s no telling for sure just yet but you know how reality TV has a way of ruining relationships. Plus, there’s even noticeable tension between the two on RHOA