Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Ryan Leslie Get Robbed Because Of Jay-Z And Kanye?


I heard something crazy. Now, I mean no malice. The longer I do these rumors, the more I feel for people, especially when they owe somebody $1 million bucks. Here is the thing: I’m catching word that Ryan Leslie basically got ROBBED for $1 million! Now, I know you heard the stories of how R. Les lost his computer in Germany and put up a $1 million reward. Somebody eventually found the computer and then a court order the homey to pay even though none of the songs and music files were on the Mac Book Pro.

To get the full story go here —->>>>> Ryan Leslie Ordered To Pay An Extra $180K Interest On $1 Million Laptop Reward

So, here is the DEAL! Sources just hit me and told me that Ryan Leslie was actually the victim of a high-end JUX! Here’s how it went down. First of all, there is the Jay / Kanye angle. What I heard happened is Ryan Les was going to be working on the Kanye / Jay Watch The Throne album. He canceled a pair of performance dates in Germany in order to accommodate the schedules of the twin titan emcees. When he cancelled, he p##### off the promoters that booked him. He did not remove his things from the car they provided for him before he canceled. When he got to the car (if he even made it back) all the stuff he had in there was GONE and that included the million dollar laptop. Basically, this means that THEY probably took it in anger. Not confirmed but the German underground talks. So, they are saying that they basically stole his laptop, but here is the CATCH. I heard the very same people that “STOLE” the laptop helped this random dude “FIND” it and cash in the reward. They conspired to double rob the man! Now, there is no way that R. Les can prove it, but I heard he ain’t playing it! But, the problem is, I heard they are actively looking to get their money by attacking his personal accounts.

That’s all.

Good luck, Ryan!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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