Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Troy Ave Put The “Beat Down Hit” On ILoveMankonnen?

Did Troy Ave Get iLoveMakonnen Got?

Now it all makes some sense. I never understood why somebody would want to beat down fluffy iLoveMakonnen. BUT… The word on the street is that Troy Ave sent a wolf to put them paws on iLoveMakonnen. Now, this makes a lot of sense if you remember back earlier this year. iLoveMakonnen dissed all the remixes of his song “Tuesday” and Troy Ave took it the hardest. Still, the fact remains that there may be no shred of evidence to support this notion. Nevertheless, that won’t stop iLoveMakonnen or the rumors that homeboy was the victim on a Tuesday. But, he wasn’t even hurt and went on to perform as if nothing happened. SOB’s, the New York club where it all happened, reportedly banished the culprit for life. I had personally thought the dude did it all in the name of Hip-Hop or something. But TMZ reported that the guy is just a disgruntled fan. Not sure if that helps or hurts the idea that Troy Ave put a “good” word in the streets for iLoveMakonnen.


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