Hip-Hop Rumors: Diddy Says Miley Cyrus Can't Twerk For Ish

Diddy says Miley Cyrus needs to learn how to twerk properly.

Finally, someone in the hip-hop industry who is real enough to call Miley Cyrus out on her non-twerking. OMG Insider caught up with the media mogul at the iHeart Radio festival over the weekend where he broke it down.

“We gonna talk about the twerking but y’all gotta get the twerking right,” he told the reporter when she brought up the subject.

The clueless reporter didn’t realize she was doing it wrong because she was following the Miley Cyrus model. According to Diddy, you have to be able to move both b#########.


Diddy kinda sorta broke it down but first, let’s be clear that twitching your but from side to side isn’t twerking, that’s actually called “exercising” (I see you Big Freedia). Twerking is more about up and down popping motions and isolations. And of course, the bigger the butt the better. Nassatalls need not apply.

This is real twerking (NSFW):