Hip-Hop Rumors: Dipset Beef OVER! Lady GaGa Gets Dissed! Chad Ochocinco And Kat Stacks Too!?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. SEE SOMETHING? SAY SOMETHING!!!!!                THE DIPSET BEEF IS OVER!!!!! Miss Info went and got the Dipset beef over with. I heard the crew has already […]



All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. SEE SOMETHING? SAY SOMETHING!!!!!




Miss Info went and got the Dipset beef over with. I heard the crew has already started on Diplomatic Immunity already, but according to the text below, they aren’t! Holy COW! Way to go Info! So, here is the link and here is the fully jacked text from missinfo.tv!

Here it is!!!!

Last week I had a conversation with two old friends. But what was remarkable about this wasn’t the fact that they called, or even what we talked about….what really meant something is that, for the first time in over three years, these two guys were calling me together…

“Minya, (Miss Info’s real name) it’s Jimmy….I’m sitting in the passenger seat of this car right now. I want you to talk to the driver real quick.”

“Ok, Jimmy.”

[brief pause] “What up, Min. It’s Cam…”

Yes!! Now we’re finally getting somewhere…Before I could start grilling them about the who/what/where/why/when….Jimmy made it very clear that he had to get something off his chest, with Cam right there…

Jim Jones said: “It’s 2010, and this is something I gotta get off my chest…You’ve known us from back when we didn’t have what we have now, so you remember, that above all, me and Cam, we still brothers. And we’re building on getting back on track but first, I apologize for being a rude brother, for saying things publicly without first trying to handle them privately. I apologize for not leading by example because what I didn’t realize at the time, I was venting but it wasn’t all about me. There were other people whose dreams were also part of this movement. So by not leading by example, they were left stranded too. The way I handled our business issues was with emotion, and it got totally f–ked up. That’s what selfishness does I have demons that I’m learning to deal with. We’re all successful, me and Cam and Juelz, so we’re blessed. But that comes with responsibilities. I had complaints and I’m not backing away from the issues I had, but I’m just mad at how I handled them. The business of the Diplomats could have been fixed before. But by putting my emotions out in the public, it only made things worse. And of course, some of us became bitter about it. We had this luxurious life, but the rest of the family, they had slow down because of the ball I started rolling. I’d be p##### at me too…

But God works in mysterious ways…a couple people took vacations, and there’s a lane that’s wide open. What we built solo since Dipset grew apart, we can combine and make even stronger together. I needed to clear my conscious before we work on building a bigger and better movement. Plus, consider it fair warning to everyone else.”

When Cam got back on the phone, he was definitely more pragmatic and cautious with his words.

Cam’ron: “There’s nothing really Diplomats-related to show you yet. We all have our own obligations right now, our own projects. I have this Boss of All Bosses Pt. 2.5 mixtape with Vado and DJ Drama dropping soon. But yes, me and Jim have been speaking, we’re working out the mechanics of this, and looking at our options right now. If it makes sense, it can happen.”


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Look right around the 3 minute mark. This is what happened as far as I know. Yo Gotti was on-stage performing at the Dub Car Show on Sunday (Memphis,TN) during his performance of “Touchdown” (diss song to V-Slash 3/Mafia’s new lesbian rapper), someone in the audience tossed a bottle of water at Yo Gotti & his crew.  This move got the show shut down early.

YO Gotti actually looks like he’s got a dope show. Too bad it was broken up.


Chad Ochocinco is the man now. Dude is all on Dancing With The Stars. He’s also allegedly dating his dance partner. At least, he’s buying her $10k rings and al that. Somebody I know has told me that Ochochinco had “relations” with Kat Stacks. I know a lot of you are like “who hasn’t!?” but this is what I am hearing. Now, for the record, I was told that Chad has been questioned on the rumor and he’s denied that it was true. He also is cool with Lil Wayne. Does that mean anything? You decide.


New Mom Kendra Wilkinson (former Playboy playmate and star of The Girls Next Door and Kendra) shows that she can still get down while dancing on stage with Too Short to Blow The Whistle at Kdays Krush Groove concert in LA.


I know a lot of you diehard Hip-Hop heads are wondering about the supposed boycott of the Hip-Hop Museum, which was started on the night the event started. Bell, it wasn’t a true boycott, but the Zulu Nation definitely didn’t come through and that made a lot of others stay home. SO, recently they all came to some agreement and everybody is on the same page. I think there is going to be a big dinner and Q&A session with the legends to make this thing whole again.


If you don’t know, Grace Jones is the mother of Lady GaGa’s swagger and Grace is not feeling her young contemporary.

“I really don’t think of her at all. I go about my business. I’ve seen some things she’s worn that I’ve worn, and that does kind of p### me off. I wouldn’t go to see her.”

She also turned GaGa down when asked to work with her.

“I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually.”

No hate here. Just facts.

She also talked about her drug use, which was crazzzzzy!

“I once took acid for three days. It was called the super-trip pill, STP, yeah they don’t do that any more. I was under doctors’ care. It was done for experiment, not for partying. Mind-opening. That was the way to take it. If you take it just for partying, that’s when it goes pear-shaped.”



Last week there was a rumor that Royce Da 5′ 9″ may have had some issues with some Canadian goons. Well, that’s not true. Just wanted you to know that.

Uh oh! One of my homies told me that he copped a “Free Lil Wayne” t-shirt off the weezythanxyou.com site. But he said he never got a shirt for his hard-earned money.

I heard Foxy Brown spent the day talking to people in Rikers Island. It has been two years since her stint in Rikers for assault.


I was talking to my homeboy Kenny. And, he’s out of Portland, but he told me the funniest fail that I have gotten in a minute now. Apparently Apple is about to release the new generation of iPhones, the iPhone 4G. Well, this baby is not even out yet, just less hot off the presses. There is a crazy rumor that a lone iPhone 4G was left at a bar in California, somewhere in Silicon Valley! If that is true then there is about to be some p##### off employees over at Apple. The bar was apparently located near an Apple establishment in California. That person that lost it failed and is certain to be fired. No drinking on or off the job in techville!


This is the craziest thing I have heard in a long time. Peep this story from the Associated Press:

SEATTLE — A convicted cocaine smuggler has been arrested for running what authorities say appears to be a b######### farm in Washington state in which visitors could engage in all sorts of twisted sex acts with animals.

Douglas Spink was arrested at his ramshackle, heavily wooded compound near the Canadian border along with a 51-year-old tourist from Great Britain who is accused of having sex with three dogs.

Dozens of dogs, horses and pet mice were seized, along with what investigators described as thousands of images of b######### and apparent child pornography. The mice were euthanized, said Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo, whose office assisted federal agents in the case.

“This stuff is just truly bizarre,” he said. “These were mice that had their tails cut off, they were smothered in Vaseline and they had string tied around them.”

It wasn’t immediately clear whether other zoophilic tourists had been to Spink’s farm, but Assistant U.S. Attorney Susan Roe said Friday, “I expect there may have been other people visiting the property.”

Spink has not been charged with any b######### or child p### charges at this point, only with violating the terms of his supervised release. Stephen Clarke of Peterborough, England, was arrested on state charges for allegedly abusing the dogs.

S-M-H! What is this world coming to?!?!


This dude Edwin Valero killed himself. I am not familiar with him, but he was a boxing champion and he confessed to killing his wife. Edwin was arrested for the stabbing death of wife Valencia. Last night, dude got his clothing together and used it to strangle himself in jail. When police got to him, he wasn’t dead, but they weren’t able to save him when he was taken down from hanging in his cell. Man, dude is a wild dude. The whole concept of suicide is really crazy. Part of the tragedy is dude was a knockout artist.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about

them then they should worry!


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