Hip-Hop Rumors: DJ Babey Drew, Traci Steele Shopping for Reality Show?

DJ Babey Drew and Traci Steele got booted from LHHATL but may be looking for their own show.

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s DJ Babey Drew and Traci Steele won’t be returning to the next season of the popular reality show because they weren’t  turnt up enough. You already know Mona Scott likes drama, drama and mo’ drama. While Drew and Traci did have some conflict, it wasn’t at the epic level proportion that keeps ratchet viewers going so it’s a rap.

However, sources are saying that the couple isn’t done with the spotlight yet and are possibly looking to land their own show where they can call the shots. Good luck with that because viewers get tired of talk about “THAHA’s” and “popcorn hos'” after the first 5 minutes.