Hip-Hop Rumors: DJ UNK Robbed! Chris Brown Gets Madeup! 50 Cent Turns Nice,

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO SENSE   I don’t know how long I am going to …

Hip-Hop Rumors: DJ UNK Robbed! Chris Brown Gets Madeup! 50 Cent Turns Nice, Read More »


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO SENSE


I don’t know how long I am going to be around. I’m just keeping it real. That’s all I’m going to say right now.


There are so many rumors about MJ that I don’t know where to start.

There are rumors about his voice. There are rumors that he didn’t know

that he was signing on to do 50 shows in the UK. They are saying Mike only wanted to do 10 shows. Wow. I don’t know if people even want all these Mike rumors….


Shout out to Diddy for reppin’ for Michael Jackson and talking about the media coverage of the King of Pop.


I know they want rumors about this next guy though.




I am not sure, but I am hearing that Drake was robbed or somebody

attempted to rob him while at the BET Awards. If that’s the case, then

things are getting hectic for Drizzy. What they are saying is that the

rapper was out in LA for all of the rehearsing and stuff for the Awards

and somebody ran up on him. Now, my source was actually very protective

of Drake and refused to divulge and other info. They basically said

that both his back and leg are injured.




There is another one of those rumors going around, but I don’t know

how true it is. I heard that Yung Berg may have had a situation out in Los Angeles that

ended up with him getting pounced on. It may have been nothing, because

he seemed to be in good spirits on twitter. I am sure he’s cool…


BUT…this next dude isn’t!




If you know like I know, DJ Unk recently got robbed. If you know

anything about it, you need to help him out. Here are some of the

tweets he said.


its all good imma get to the bottom off this s###! hit me up if u go

any info or leads @ 404 665 3418 or [email protected] or

[email protected] minutes ago from web



for 1 they cant cash20$$in cause the s### got my name on it!! dumb

a## all the jewlers kno me so even if u pawn it imma still get and find

u21 minutes ago from web


THey just BROKE in My car and stole my 2 Louis Bags wit my UNK chain

and both my pinky rings $80,000 stole my XBOX wit my fuckn GEARS OF WAR





Styles P has some issues with the use of the term “no h###,” but do

you think he’s going at some body else that really likes to use the

term “no h###.”



DAY!! MAYBE if there was no tight jeans and bendinova behind doors!!




50 Cent is turning into a good guy of sorts. How? He is really

looking our of the hood. The latest rumor is that 50 is attempting to

get lil Prodigy out of jail sooner than later. According to recent

reports they are trying to work that magic to get P out of the pen by

at least December of this year.


50 Cent is gearing up for his big event in August and he’s rumored

to be bringing out Floyd Mayweather, Llamar Odom, Maino, Papoose,

D-Block, Ron Artest and a gang of others. 50 Cent has been clowning

Perez Hilton pretty heavy.







It would seem that Virginia has something

to prove. Timbaland and Chris Breezy are working together on the

comeback for CB. I don’t have much more to say other than people

telling me that both are looking to make a comeback of sorts.


Oh and the reason why Chris Brown didn’t perform, according to a new

rumor, is because of Jay-Z. Well, I know I said that yesterday, but I

am saying it again. According to one of Chris’s dancers, Jay-Z

threatened to boycott the show and not perform if they had Chris Brown

performing. They said everything was 100% set to go too. In the context

of MiJac, CB was more important to the night. On the flip side, he’s

also an admitted beat of women and it’s just too soon to look past that.


The final word on this rumor really seems to be that Covergirl, the

show’s most involved sponsor was about to withdraw their support if

Breezy was involved. As you know, Rihanna is a spokes person.




Where was Usher!? Paris.






What I don’t fully understand is why didn’t these people do

something to stop the death of Michael Jackson? In hindsight, it is

very clear that MJ had his issues but nobody seemed to do anything!

They say the good die young. I guess so.


The Nanny of MJ had stepped up and she’s basically saying the dude

was on drugs a lot and that she had to pump his stomach. Check it.


“I had to pump his stomach many times. He always

mixed so much of it. There was one period that it was so bad that I

didn’t let the children see him … He always ate too little and mixed

too much.”

 People are just coming out…but they didn’t help.





The Game was reportedly out and about filming some MJ dedications.


RIP to Billy Mays.


A new remix of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” has people thinking Mase is back. Why? Mase is on the song. Lol!


What happened to Kid Cudi. No disrespect, but it seems like he may be getting his wish of retirement, but not on his terms.


On the flip side, Kid Cudi attended the awards with his mother and

she was the nicest lady on Earth. Good. Cudi is supposed to drop in




Rumor has it, BET was a little annoyed that Jamie Foxx didn’t want to practice the.  Supposedly, most of the show and his jokes were ad libbed.


BET had to almost completely throw away the show they had planned because of Michael.


Tevin Campbell’s performance was not planned before the death of the King.  It came together after the Michael death. 




I heard the Jackson family is readily available in the Los Angeles area. Several people I know have seen them in at places like Starbucks. I will say this is minus any of the sisters.


My sources are telling me that Janet is devastated over the death of

Michael but got the sense that the word “devastation” didn’t

necessarily apply to other key members of the family. 


Also, some sources are saying some buzz word stuff about “concert

insurance fraud,” but I personally don’t know what that means. Also.

They are very upset at the doctor that was paid to take care of

Michael. It is rumored that he “passed” Michael to do the tour, but

realty didn’t put him under the proper tests to make sure he was

actually ready.


People are saying that MJ was straight up assassinated. I wonder…I wonder. Theories are all over the place.


LOL! Somebody posted on my Facebook that I met my true love Devi

Dev. Not true, but meeting her would be a delight to my soul. LMAO!




This starts off very slow, but gets more and more incredible as it goes along. Shout out to Dwele.




I have seen a lot of negative comments about the BET Awards, but here’s another view.




I watched the BET awards and I was listening to Jamie Foxx introduce

Beyonce like she was going to do something big.She comes out and sings

a basically religous song and she is half naked what is the point of

that.Then she wins an award and people are giving her a standing O.I

was like you give the Ojays a standing O.All on the red carpet they

asked people who they would like to see perform and they were trying to

force people to say Beyonce.It is like they are trying to force her on

people.There are alot of good artist out there who deserves

attention.Is it me or is the D.O.A thing is out of hand.I would like to

think that music heads can think for themselves.If someone likes a song

with the autotune then that`s cool but if not that`s fine but don`t

stop liking because Jay is telling you to stop liking it.And di anyone

see Puffy`s face while Jay was performing he didn`t look happy.And why

was Dawn sitting next to Diddy I thought that was Q woman? One more

thing BET did a good Job under the time frame.



 I got this letter in from a reader who saw Stevie and John Legend

in concert. And if you say “Stevie who,” I’m slapping you up!

Just got back from the Stevie Wonder/John Legend concert here in Milwaukee.  I

have to say this was by far the greatest concert I’ve ever

attended…John Legend did his thing to warm up the crowd; Stevie by

far shut it down!!!  He started off the night

addressing all those who continue to speak ill of Michael Jackson and

urged the crowd to focus on the positive of one’s life and ignore all

the b#######. (His words!!!) Stevie didn’t waste anytime doing what he

does best; except this time around, he managed to have MJ tracks played

in between his songs to celebrate MJ’s life.  The crowd went crazy!  Stevie even let his real emotions show and broke out crying at one point…definitely moving!  The

crowd sang along to every word and danced to each song, I’ve never

heard Stevie sound so good…i guess he felt as if MJ were watching

over him.  Stevie did a SICK mix from Superstition to We Are The World, definitely was not expected but more than appreciated.  Ended up closing the night with a nice MJ mix, a fitting tribute from a fellow legend in the game.  Definitely blessed by the experience.

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