Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Disses Kim AGAIN! Waka Flocka Gets Dissed In Philly!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. STATE PROPERTY REUNION AND WAKA FLOCK GETS DISSED IN PHILLY Did you know the last State Property reunion was at AHH’s event at SOB’s in NYC? Well, that’s […]


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.


Did you know the last State Property reunion was at AHH’s event at SOB’s in NYC? Well, that’s changing right now. The group reunited again recently at 100.3’s The Beat Summer Beat event. But there is more and the homey Tim H (aka Howie) gave me the info on how Waka Flocka got dissed.

Sunday June 13, 2010 was Philly 100.3 Summer Beat concert. On the bill was Gillie, Fat Joe, Lloyd Banks, Waka Flocka, Trina, Meek Millz, B.O.B, Ludacris, Trey Songz, and, oh, A STATE PROPERTY REUINION!!!!!

How can this happen and it not get mentioned on Hip Hops number one site? The show was horrible. I know. Gillie did well. B.O.B did like 3 songs. Waka Flocka SUCKS (more on him later). I could not understand a word Meek Millz was saying. Fat Joe, well he is Fat Joe. I do not know anyone up north who likes him. Trina, got the ladies up. I could have cared less. Luda, did his usual hits and killed it. Trey Songz, well, he did much like Trina. Got the girls going. The only thing in the whole show worth really noting was the State Property Reunion! Peedi, Chris & Neef, even Freeway all on stage together. They sang all their hits. The only person missing was Beans. It was amazing. I really hope more is to come from State Property.

Waka Flocka. Man I can’t stand this dude. I thought he sucked before, but now, it is official. Man is straight CLOWN. Not only did he show up in my city with like 30 morons on stage with this idiot, but after three songs, and the crowd hating on him, he walks off the stage. He does not just walk off the stage though. He proceeds to flip everyone in attendance the middle finger as he is exiting. Then, today I am reading my Philly Hip Hop blogs, and I see Waka was in freakin studio session with Jakk Frost & Peedi Crakk. Man does that p### me off. Two people who are Philly through and through hopping in the booth, with some joke of an artist, who just flipped off their home town. No wonder why Philly gets no respect.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Tim H (aka Howie)


Drake is doing an R&B album. WOW. Anyway, Drizzy Drake hits up the Freakshow on the day his Thank Me Later album drops!  Click MORE to check out what he had to say …



Drake called in the Madd Hatta Morning Show on 97.9 The Box yesterday to promote his debut album Thank Me Later! Here are the highlights.

Interview Highlights..

On Lil Kim calling him a Punk P***y:

I really don’t care… sometimes I get a lil impulsive when you start talking about the people I love. You can say whatever about me, I’ll never respond to it, like I’ll never react to it, but if you start talking about the people I love then I do get a little bit more reactive and that’s all that happened there, Nicki’s got records climbing the charts and today Thank Me Later is in stores, so it’s just about relevant people today…

On his relationship with Meliah Michelle:

Meliah’s great. She’s a wonderful person who I was blessed to work and have part of the greatest video of my career to date and huh just an amazing person that I’m honored to know. I love her a lot. She’s dope.

On first week predictions:

It’s not about the specific number, You can’t tell me these young people don’t matter… Music is not dead…. You gotta connect with people… Give them a reason to wake up and wanna spend $10 on hearing your story… as far as the numbers, it’s whatever.

On visiting Lil Wayne in Rikers:

It was sad, because today was a day I wanted Wayne with me bad. He believed in me before anybody… I miss him.. It’s sad to see him in that situation… And him not being able to record music… I can see it in his eyes, it’s a painful thing.


I didn’t even edit Mikey, he’s so hood:

The Game isn’t the only one upset about the A Team Roll , 50 cent was up for that project , 50 wanted the roll game was aimin’ for , both rappers were turned down , in other news both rappers were turned down from the Expendables as well.

Akon at one point was interested in signing Mike Shorey to his team for writing …why would Akon need a writer for his label thats filled with multiple stars ….ya boy , french montana , lady gaga …Akon is building an empire …u always need the hooks to be poppin holla at mike shorey on twitter @Mike_Shorey

Max B an his friends an family are hoping for a December release …thats when the appeal well begin this December Max team got bail money on deck , an prolly a Gucci Mane collabo waitin for his first single …Gucci’s Team an Max Team are very close , thats an ATL- Jerzy connection

Cam’ron is plannin to finish the Vado project before he continues with the Dipset Reunion the goal for Vado is to have his mixtape out soon , followed by a Duet Album with Cam’ron titled The U.N. then in the fourth Quarter Vado is set to release his Debut album , there going hard with Vado Cam has him workin with the likes of Cool & Dre

A List producers .


If you think 50 Cent is soft, peep this review from my homey Wade.

Hey ILL Seed,

Long time reader but this is my first email I’m sending your way. You always put “if you see something then say something” so I figured why not, but anyways last night on the 15th for the first time in 3 years 50 Cent finally came through and performed at the Fillmore on Miami Beach. The concert was supposed to start at 8 but they didn’t get on stage until about 9:30ish. And boy what a show it was 50 and crew rocked the house! They had an amazing performance and did all the songs you would want him to do. Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo got plenty of mic time as well. During one of 50’s songs he even brought out Floyd Mayweather and he started to throw money into the crowd. Also one of the funniest moments of the concert was when 50 started doing “This is how we do” and started doing Game’s lyrics! The crowd went nuts for that as 50 stopped himself and just stood in the limelight lol. But yeah it was a great concert and I hope its not another 3 years before G-Unit comes down to South Florida. We love you down here 50! Come back!



Tiger Woods’ wife may be coming back to him. She was in China and is back in the U.S. Do his kids go to school?

I heard there is a rapper named Lil Witness. Think he stands a chance?

Gary Coleman’s wife has reportedly declined to see her ex’s body one last time before he is cremated. But, she still wants control of his estate. Smh.

I heard Manny P. and Money Mayweather are about to sign a deal.


Lisette Lee has told authorities she’s flown to Columbus with lots of baggage four times…RIGHT. What manner of fool is this fool. There is a chick named Lisette Lee and she is ssupposedly a socialite that comes from a family worth millions. That didn’t stop her from trying to traffic 23 bales of marijuana to Columbus from the U.S. 23 bales equals about 506 pounds of weed. Here is how the chick rolls though:

Drug Enforcement Administration agents picked up Lisette Lee, 28, at Port Columbus on Monday night after she arrived on a chartered jet from Van Nuys, Calif., with a bodyguard, two assistants and 13 large suitcases.

Inside the suitcases, agents found 506 pounds of marijuana, according to a DEA complaint. The DEA esimated the street value of the drugs to be $500,000.

Lee, reportedly a California socialite, made no statement during her initial appearance in court in Columbus. She wore drab prison clothing, handcuffs, and shackles on her ankles.

She was charged with felony counts of possession of marijuana and conspiracy to distribute marijuana and was returned to jail until a bond hearing at 10 a.m. Friday.

Lee told the DEA that her family is associated with several multimillion-dollar businesses. Internet searches show she has had a small part in a movie called The Doorman .

The girl was getting paid allegedly by flying back and forth delivering weed for about 60,000 dollars. I mean, come on. 14 suitcases per trip? Lissy PLEASE!!! She is looking at 5 to 20 years in jail and a fines of $2 million.


A cop punches a girl for Jay Walking? Really now?


40 Glocc or whatever his new name is…was seen with Rosa Acosta in LA recently.

See what happens when you change your name? You can’t be MC Murder Death Kill forever!

He’s a G.

SMILE, 40!!!!!!!!!40 GLOCCER! WE LOVE YOU!!!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them

then they should worry!


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