Hip-Hop Rumors: Foxy Brown, Shawnna, Thicke, Don Imus Gets Upgraded!

Today’s rumors are not sponsored today, because a picture of Don Imus being upgraded by illseed appears below. FOXY BROWN TO GRACE THE COVER OF VIBE VIXEN? Rumor has it Foxy Brown is going to grace the cover of an upcoming issue of Vibe Vixen. Well, there is a bit more to the rumor. A […]

Today’s rumors are not sponsored today, because a picture of Don Imus being upgraded by illseed appears below.


Rumor has it Foxy Brown is going to grace the cover of an upcoming issue of Vibe Vixen. Well, there is a bit more to the rumor. A rumor inside the rumor is that the mag didn’t actually interview Inga (Foxy), but got a number of others to speak about her. So, for example, her brother Gavin talked and reportedly stated that the rapstress has 16 songs finished and has songs with Luther Vandross and Mary J Blige. On the other side, they are reportedly waiting to hear what Jay thinks of the album. If the big homey approves, Foxy is in there like swim wear.

Now, rumor continues, Foxy was supposed to be interviewed for the piece, but she sent the editors an email and let them know that it wasn’t the right time to tell her story. She also reportedly stated that she was doing her most personal album of her career. So, here are the important rumors:

1) Foxy seems to still be on Def Jam Records.

2) Gavin is the executive producer of Black Roses.

3) Foxy is not the Black Britney Spears yet.


OH YEA… The rumors are flying left and right that Shawnna has been dropped by DTP and Ludacris. I don’t know for certain, but it is what it is. Maybe she should reconsider getting back with Remy Ma and the girls. Now, very recently Shawnna said the following:

“Luda called a playa on the phone told me he want to get right, he want to act right. So, I can only play my cards where my cards need to be played. Ya’ll look out for the Shawnna/Ludacris album this summer – we working on it right now. We finna lock this summer down. I’ma make [him] grow his hair back…Watch what I do with [Luda].”

Was she drunk or have we been punk’d?


NBC has canceled Don Imus’ radio simulcast on MSNBC. I have a job for him cleaning the toilets at Penn Station in New York. Seriously, dude was stupid for that.

“This decision comes as a result of an ongoing review process, which initially included the announcement of a suspension. It also takes into account many conversations with our own employees,” NBC news said in a statement.

Shout out to General Motors (GM), Proctor and Gamble, American Express Co., Sprint Nextel Corp., and Staples for pulling their ads and really making it pop. Last year, Imus raked in $8 million in advertising. I don’t understand why these guys say these things and then turn into remorseful angels.

By the way, I know that Imus pretty much offends anybody, even Jews and homosexuals. But, here are a few things he’s said (or his show has said) about Black people through the years.

He called Venus and Serena Williams “two booma-chucka, big-butted women”

He also said the Williams Sisters didn’t belong in Playboy they belonged in National Geographic.

He called the New York Knicks “chest-bumping pimps”

He referred to PBS anchor Gwen Ifill as a “cleaning lady”

He urged his producer buddy to “make fun of more Negroes”

In 1997, Imus told a “60 Minutes” employee that his program producer was brought on the staff to do “n***er jokes.”

Now, do you feel so bad about him being TERMINATED? OH yea, Hip-Hop had nothing to do with his stupid rant. Don Imus – like KKKramer before him – has expired.


My house is a mess so I have a job for him. (No disrespect to my sanitation engineers.)


I heard that Rockin’ Robin Thicke is going to be working with Beyonce in the near future. Rumor has it, they have some songs that they will perform and release for commercial consumption. On the flip side, Robin is telling people that Stevie Wonder called him and requested that he perform at the R&B G.O.A.T.’s looming birthday celebration.


My homey Stinson hit me up to tell me about a fiasco in the R&B world that he witnessed first hand. He and his lovely wife attended a concert last Friday at the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino with Donnell Jones, Chico DeBarge and Shai. So, after the show, Chico seems to be in a bit of an argument. He’s got a guy with him and they are apparently yelling to another man. Well, Chico is trying to calm his homeboy down, but the other guy keeps running his mouth. Eventually, he says something wrong and Chico releases the hounds! His boy allegedly pounds dude out and gives him a few face slaps for the ride home.


I have confidence, however, my son does not!

I don’t know these pop/R&B acts like that, but I did find this press release interesting. Check it out. A group accuses Pretty Ricky of hatin’ on them and kicking them off tour. Also, Lil’ Fizz from B2K was kicked off too…but they say he’s a rapper now? A RAPPER? OK. Read on.




(April X, 2007 – New York, NY) Upcoming teen rap duo 2XL has been abruptly booted off of Pretty Ricky’s “Late Night Special Tour”, completing only 9 of the tour’s 25 scheduled dates. 2XL, who are signed to legendary Tommy Boy Entertainment seemed confidently alright with how things ended up.

“This was our first nationwide tour, and our first chance to see our fans personally. It’s sad to see that Pretty Ricky’s camp couldn’t stand seeing another group getting a positive reaction, said Laze and Royal of 2XL. “Supposedly, we were interfering with their merchandise flow. We were disappointed about the news when we found out, not because we had to stop the tour, but because we too have fans waiting to see us at these shows in upcoming cities.”

“Finding out wasn’t a surprise to us. We felt a silent tension with them dudes since the first show. If I’ma keep it real, we were the only opening act getting a reaction. Pretty Ricky’s groups were getting booed. They weren’t even letting us come out to our merchandise table to sign autographs and take pictures cause it took too much attention away from them.”

“We love our fans and always want to show them that we’re real people just like them so we like kickin’ with them whenever we could. We wish them the best of luck and continued support on the rest of their half-full shows on this tour.” said 2XL group member Laze while calmly sitting back on a chair in their Miami Beach hotel room.

Rapper Lil’ Fizz, formally of Platinum group B2K, was also released from the tour last week for undisclosed reasons.


I heard Bay-area rapper Krazy Ken (older brother of Bonez from “I Love New York”) is close to signing a major label deal.

If you didn’t know..all those sexual assault and kidnapping charges have been dropped against the Duke University lacrosse players in the case where they were accused of raping a stripper.

It doesn’t seem that Slim Thug and Rick Ross have beef. Somebody took old verses and merged them together and some other stuff. They recently did a song together. I admit when I’m off!

Eve is reportedly back with Ruff Ryderz after bouncing from Dr. Dre’s Aftermath.

Rumor has it Jim Jones ran into some turbulence down in LES when they were filming some stuff with Dipskate. Details are sketchy, but I heard from a reliable source that its not true. What I was told is they did have a shoot on Monday, but it was under the Brooklyn Bridge and Jimmy left intact. I heard that BET was present, along with other media. Still, some folks are claiming youtubery will reveal more…

So, did Ashanti finally leave The Inc? That’s what the rumors say!

In Game’s verse on “Colors” he talks about being born into the gang life, but he states that the industry has some real bloods and some Milli Vanilly gangstas. Who is he talking about? Hmmmmmmm….

Mel B has reportedly put Eddie Murphy as the father of her baby Fortuna Daphne Bay on her birth certificate. Eddie is about to get it and get it good.

Does 50 Cent have a thing for the older ladies? He’s recently been linked to actress Victoria Rowell. She admitting to cooking for him…


“What U Heard”

“Best Kept Secret”

Big L

Check out this interview & Freestyle session with Big L and DITC. Big L – Why’d you have to die?! WHY?!?


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