Hip-Hop Rumors: Freddie Gibbs Claps Back At Jim Jones


The other day, somebody shot up a Freddie Gibbs video shoot. The rapper wasn’t hit, but two of his men were. Well, before that, Gibbs had said a few thing about Jim Jones not being a real gang member. This fueled rumors that Jimmy had something to do with it. Jim has played coy, but that hasn’t stopped Gibbs from slipping in a shot or two.

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Jim Jones has been on a tear. I think he’s going to reply, but they will not be beefing on wax. I guess they will go back and do a social media battle.


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71 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Rumors: Freddie Gibbs Claps Back At Jim Jones”

    1. That’s what gossiping bitches say when they want to indicate that someone’s been showing their ass too much.. it’s actually british “slang”. Niggas who can’t write articles use it all the time.

      1. Maybe another faux high-english colloquialism? I don’t actually hear it london either, to be honest with you. Maybe it’s more of an Irish thing? I hear them say it often enough..

      2. Mickey Fincher Kelz

        why are you on this website if you dont know english phrases?.. this is a predominantly black website that uses way heavy slang than this.. how do you understand what you are reading? and why are you reading this?

      3. You just said some deep shit I can’t spell with spell check. I’m just gonna say cool and keep it moving.

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      1. Dudes who are part of gangs claiming streets they don’t own and violating their next door neighbors who dress in different colored clothing and steal from or deal drugs to or kill their own people are wastes of skin and deserve the culture’s contempt and disgust,not their admiration or acknowledgement.

      2. you guys are herbs you have ZERO clue. You’re probably the type that enjoys the thug raps but when you come across someone who is really bout it you want them to “stop cooning”

        the fact some of yall REALLY think that “rappers aint in gangs” proves how slow you are. You think tru life was just putting on “an act” .

      3. lost? where did I condone his behavior? learn to comprehend when you read. I said the nigga really is what he’s talking about. you “rap fans” just don’t know who’s just an entertainer and who is bout it.

      4. I can’t win with you internet nerds who think they know what’s real. I’ll fall back. do you.

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  4. Do rappers even know how to stand up for themselves on wax nowadays? It seems like antics on Twitter, in videos etc. are the only viable options. A bad look for a culture built on lyricism.

    1. Jim Jones cant go bar for bar with Gibbs, and neither could Jeezy.
      you ever heard FG songs? in this era full of clown ass copy cat wack ABC rappers, dude can spit flames for real.

    2. Honestly, a bunch of grown men hundreds of miles away from each other trading musical insults isn’t any better of a look. I always thought that “Diss Song” mess was corny. If these 2 had any heart at all, they’d turn off their computers, and their microphones, and go handle their business without having to make a public spectacle of it.

      1. Say word.. Revelation!! Do you read bro?? In the time you took to capitalize the word “NO!!” smh lol you could’ve checked one of his most recent interviews with Rosenberg where he clearly states—and I quote “I LIVE in Harlem now”… When asked where exactly he went on to say “in the 140s”…. Which is uptown…DO YOUR GOOGLES!!!!! Haha

    3. Big Daddy Kane recently made a point that most rappers are afraid of receiving a verbal ass-whooping, so they don’t make diss records or battle face-to-face. I think it’s fair to point out that most of these cats can’t really rap to begin with.. which a battle on wax would necessitate..

      1. Well then if it’s on the level beyond rapping, fight! Gibbs can rap, Jones can’t. Might as well shoot the fair one.

      2. Same interview – BDK was like “When I was a kid, we used to fight with our hands, only the leader of the gang could carry a pistol. But today, kids afraid of takin a real ass-whoopin, so they carry guns. They’re scared.”

        In hip-hop, fighting is the last resort of someone who has no talent. If it came down to a fist fight though, I’d put my money on the cat who doesn’t do his hair up all pretty, walkin around like a queen, talkin’ about “Vamp Life!!”. When you really look at the situation, it’s hardly fair. It might even be considered a hate crime.

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  6. Mickey Fincher Kelz

    this social media beef is extra homo.. I thought the article was gonna say they was bout to take it to the streets.. they threw the curve and said social media


    F*ck ‘sleepy’ Jim Jones & the DIPSH*TS, & his fugly ‘girl’ & has been attitude, his 15 minutes was UP long ago! Hope they tie his ego’d out azz to the shooting & gets 20 years to ‘think about it’! Freddie is standin’ up to these hasbeens Jeezy & Jones, stand tall brotha!

  8. Niggas bring this shit at Freddie Gibbs. That’s why he’s a critically acclaimed rapper and he’s not signed to a label. You know what take ESGN brought in? At least a mill. Niggas be jealous, plus Capo is from Chicago which is around Gary, Indiana. It’s more of hood beef. Not even a beef really.

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