Hip-Hop Rumors: French Montana Gets One Of Rick Ross’ Rappers?


What is it about Bang ‘Em Smurf? I don’t know, but there must be something about him that keeps him in the rumors. As you know, he was down with 50 Cent back in the day until they had a falling out. Then, he linked with Rick Ross and help solidified Rick Ross in the East, especially with Rick’s beef with 50 Cent. Now, for a second there, I heard there was beef with Rick and Smurf, but I hit him up directly on it instead of putting it in the rumors. He hit me back and said there was no beef. Anyway…here is the point…

I’m hearing that Bang ‘Em Smurf is now down with French Montana in a crazy way. French Montana Flew down to Trinidad had a BBQ fed the kids and gave them U.S. currency. But, he also “inducted” Bang ‘Em Smurf into the Coke Boys. Bang ‘Em filmed a cameo for the next single off Self Made 2 – “All Birds.” Last but not least, Smurf went and got a Coke Boyz tat on his face just to show his loyalty on the outside. I’m sure Frenchie was like, “I believe you, dawwwg. You don’t have to do that.” But, this is how Hip-Hop does it in 2012! The Ill Face Tats!

Hit the link to hear the latest song from Bang Em, where he shows he’s down with FRENCH AND THE BAWSE TOO!!!!