Hip-Hop Rumors: G. Dep’s Written An Autobiography!


You remember the poor guy named G. Dep? He’s behind enemy walls after confessing to a shooting that ended up being a murder. G. Dep was the man, because everybody could see that – even though this happened a long, long time ago – he was genuinely remorseful for this travesty.

Fast Forward.

These days Dep is in jail for a long, long time. But, while he is there, he is expected to do a couple things. 1) He is appealing the decision that has him incarcerated 15-life. 2) He’s also expected to write a book on his life. Now, I admit I think Dep is an interesting dude based on his raps, but I’m not sure how he can hold down a whole book.

For now, I guess we’ll see and I’ll give you more on this “Special Delivery” later.


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