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Today’s rumors are sponsored by AHH’s CEO Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, who says Hip-Hop owes women an apology. Click the picture to read the editorial and see if you agree/disagree. MORE 50 CENT STUFF! A number of people have expressed that they didn’t appreciate a comment 50 Cent said. I didn’t hear it, but I guess […]

Today’s rumors are sponsored by AHH’s CEO Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, who says Hip-Hop owes women an apology. Click the picture to read the editorial and see if you agree/disagree.


A number of people have expressed that they didn’t appreciate a comment 50 Cent said. I didn’t hear it, but I guess he referred to his team of lawyers as the “Jew-Unit.” People asked me what I thought about it and I don’t really know what to think about it. It would appear to be a compliment since it refers to his mighty G-Unit team. Its not like he said “Jew-UNot!” Opposing views are welcome.

So, 50 made a reference to Young Buck having the same or similar status at The Game right before his exodus. Of course this caused waves and ripples in the world of Hip-Hop. Is Buck on the way out of G-Unit? We know a few things have been circulating in the streets and I haven’t exactly addressed them. But we do know that Buck made a brief peace treaty with The Game (that Game recently broke). But he also expressed that he peaced out with people like Jadakiss. He also recently spoke out against the Tony Yayo alleged backslap of a teenager. I don’t know, but I do know that Buck can stand alone as a star. This is gonna get interesting quickly. STAY TUNED!

Oh! I forgot to mention, a representative for 50 Cent said that him berating Young Buck was an APRIL FOOL’S JOKE. But this happened on April 4th…

Sha Money XL! What happened with him? We know that he’s not with G-Unit now. I’ve heard it all. I heard he quit, I heard he got fired, I heard he’s got beef with 50 Cent now! I even heard he’s still on G-Unit’s payroll. I don’t know the true story, but I do know that he’s managing Young Buck. Is there some connection here? I don’t know, but I promise to have an answer soon. Sha, hit me on the email for old times sake!

I did hear that Ma$e’s G-Unit album will see the light of day this year. I really appreciated his rant on Rich Boy’s album.

I feel bad for Olivia. She’s tight on or off G-Unit.


According to Wendy Williams, Ashanti and Nelly are still going strong as a couple. However, there are rumors abound that say the pair are not doing so well. I’ve heard that they have actually broken up. These rumors have been fueled by the fact that Nelly has been seen with other dates and whatnot. You know, I don’t care…but I guess it would be cool to see them work it out.


Bob Clark, the director of “A Christmas Story,” died two nights ago in a car accident. 22-year old son also died in the fatal car crash in the Palisades. Rest in peace, but at least he left a legacy that will live on.


KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) is for sale! Remember Knight Rider from back in the day? You can’t throw D’s on KITT. (Only thing is, Michael Knight’s KITT doesn’t actually speak.)

Did LL Cool J record a dis record against Jay-Z? That’s crazy, because LL is possibly the diss master of Hip-Hop! He’s battled from Kool Moe Dee to Canibus! And Jay had the other biggest battle ever.

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones admitted that he snorted his dead dad’s ashes mixed with cocaine. SMH!

Reggie Bush has been banned from the Playboy Mansion for some reason not associated with a Playmate. What other violations are there?

Rest In Peace to Eddie Robinson, superman head coach at Grambling State University! He served his post for some 55 years! He passed away on Tuesday night (April 3).


TMZ has spread the word that the Three 6 Mafia was kicked out of their Toluca Lake home, because a group member or crew member decided to take a wizz on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s lawn. OH! It gets better. The dastardly act was recorded for 36’s reality show. SMH! We can do better.


So, Bill O’Reilly felt the need to respond to Snoop. Well, do tell. Anyway, he said something about drug tests, but he should have a sexual harassment test. I don’t know if Bill would pass!


Check out this dude. His name is Frederic Yonnet and he plays the harmonica with and insane amount of soul! Here he plays for Dave Chappelle.


Now, this is an afternoon addition to the rumors. Read the rest of them below this text. 50 Cent went on Hot 97 morning show to talk about the G-Unit situation and he made some interesting revelations. My boy Exodus heard it and gave me a summary. Also, by the way, I heard that 50 let go of the majority of the G-Unit staff. Word on the street is, he’s been getting a gang of resumes in light of this rumor leaking. Here is the 4/11 from my Intel homey Sir Exodus (Pardon any lapses in grammar/style):

I just got finished hearing the 50 cent interview this morning on the hot 97 morning show with Miss Jones, justa few things that he put out there that may come back to him.

1) He spoke about Young Buck and his alleged truce with game, he stated on the record ” If that is what buck wants, then thats his decsion, Im gonna put him in the same space that i put game in when he was down with us. not to say that we have beef, but if you roll with me, and you know that I have issues with someone, that means you have issues with that someone too, thats how it goes and he knows that, he is from the streets too”. 50 also went on and said that despite the so called truce, game still dissed young buck, 50 apparently thinks that body bags has to do with young buck and not Tony Yayo

2) He admitted that Olivia did get dropped from G-unit records, he stated that he dropped her because there were to many miscommunications with her and what she needed to do with her music, he said he got so fed up that he just wanted to focus on his own music. He also addressed an alleged rumor that Olivia was suing him for sexual misconduct in which 50 said it was not true.

3) 50 spoke on Cam and stated that he was done with it, his words were ” Why continue to battle someone who doesnt even realize that they already lost, it makes no sense” He went on to say that he gave it the buzz he did, and that when ever he talks he makes things happen

4) he spoke about everyone else on G-unit records and stated that he will not be doing as much work on anyone else’s albums, he said that they have to be on their own and make hits without him being there for it, he said that he put out songs for Mobb deep to give it that push, but now they will have to make that push on their own, same goes for lloyd banks and Young Buck

5) when asked about the incident about yayo, he said that he wasnt there and that he has cameras in his home that can prove that he was home the whole time, getting ready to go to Angola Africa

6) He then told the show that the reason why he doesnt make mix tapes dissing anyone and why the camron diss was on you tube as a video is because 50 and youtube.com have a deal and 50 gets credit wherever his name is mentioned in that site.

7) 50 said that the people who are protesting “Ban 50” are the same people that started the G-unot campaign

8) he said something very smart and that was that he felt that the hip hop retail marketing value is going down and will continue to go down, labels will not make the push to advertise an upcoming album as they used to, and artist will have to find other ways to get that money. He stated that Jay-Z went that route and had budweiser sponsor him, that is why he had that music video/commerical. 50 cent stated that they will make their money via tour, but as far as record sales, it will never truly reflect the success of an artist due to downloads and bootlegging.

Just some of the many things that he spoke about. He did not however, answer the question about M.O.P when asked by DJ Envy.


I’m just just saying, “WOW!” Hold it down! Click here for the previous update!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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