Hip-Hop Rumors: Iggy Azalea Going To Roc Nation?


Iggy Do It Jay-Z (instead of Biggie)!

I wonder, I wonder. And so are a lot of people – wondering. Will Iggy Azalea get down with Roc Nation? She’s already down with T.I., but she doesn’t have a deal in place. And she’s got an album set to drop this fall. Well, she tweeted: “On my way to go meet the lovely people at roc nation before my shoot. :-)” I guess she may have a situation soon if the rumors are correct. Granted, she created them but folks are telling that this may come to life. Its not the first time she met with The new Roc and now that she needs a “home,” its looking more evident that she’ll land there. Roc Nation has a record label and a blossoming label as well, as you know.

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Will Iggy work at Roc Nation? IF Alfa Mega doesn’t know, neither do I!

-illseed over and OUTTA HERE…til the next rumor.