Hip-Hop Rumors: Iggy Azalea Says Miley Cyrus Stole Twerking From Her

Iggy Azalea says Miley Cyrus swagger jacked her twerking steez.

Iggy Azalea seems to fancy herself as an innovator. The “Cheeks” rapper tells Paper magazine that Miley Cyrus copied twerking from her:

“I’ve been doing that on stage for 2.5 years. She probably f-ckin’ watched my videos online and decided to try it.”

Mmmkay, so in real life the person who taught Miley Cyrus to twerk is burlesque dancer Amazon Ashley. Perhaps, Iggy was appropriating twerking and using black girls as props backup dancers first and she’s better at it but let’s be real, ain’t none of them bishes original. How about we find the source from which Iggy, an Aussie, copies her Southern accent too.

I wonder if Miley is going to clap back.