Hip-Hop Rumors: Illseed’s 99 Luft Balloons!

Today’s rumors are sponsored by Joell Ortiz!BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING & WRITING! WOW. Ain’t this a crock? Chuck D once said, “The FBI is tapping my telephone” and he wasn’t lying. Read the below report by Davey D. and tell me this ain’t a scary notion. A Federal Court Judge ruled that the City of […]

Today’s rumors are sponsored by Joell Ortiz!BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING & WRITING!

WOW. Ain’t this a crock? Chuck D once said, “The FBI is tapping my telephone” and he wasn’t lying. Read the below report by Davey D. and tell me this ain’t a scary notion.

A Federal Court Judge ruled that the City of New York, defendants in a civil suit filed by two individuals who were arrested during RNC protests, must release the 600 pages of material that the NYPD collected through the use of agents and spies that where sent to meetings, rallies and events critical of President Bush and/or the Republican Party prior to the 2004 Republican National Convention.

So how did Hip Hop artists make that list? Well we know Diddy asked folks to get out and vote while Russell toured artists around and helped register young people from the Hip Hop generation, but does that justify spying and intelligence gathering? How big of a threat do they feel Alicia Keys is, and the last I heard, LL was endorsing the New York Republican gubernatorial candidate George Pataki, the man responsible for bringing the RNC to New York. I guess the NYPD didn’t get that memo.

SMH @ the government trying to mash out anybody that’s “active” in their community. Jay-Z, Keys and Diddy aren’t even THAT active even though they have sense and money (aka very dangerous). I wonder what they have on some of the more politically conscious rappers.


At a recent event for BET’s Awards show, 50 Cent addressed Master P’s recent conversion to positive Hip-Hop. I have to say…I agree.

“Well Master P doesn’t sell CDs anymore. You can tell him I said it. Cameras is rollin’ right? …‘Curtis,’ June 26.” The room of reporters got a huge, jolly laugh at MP’s expense. The question is, “Is 50 right?” I have to ask YOU in this poll! Check it.


Cam’ron has been chilling, but nothing is sweet. I guess 50 said some recent comments about the Dipset leader and he’s back with a youtube vengeance. Oh yeah, Cam basically admits he got hit by Tru Life. He says, “I ain’t going to jail for none of you.” I don’t know if this is true, but rumor has it a DVD called Scurry Life has recorded the footage of Tru Life striking Camron in the eye. If this is real, it is slated to drop in July. Man, Cam seems mad.


If you want to see thee video of the above quotes, see below.

And, you know T.I. had to comment. Sweet! T.I. and 50 actually had something to say. I guess, the only thing I would say is that they can actually rap from the present tense and not from “the life they used to live.”


You know, that Kim Kardashian may be a skeezer, but she looks good. Now that I got that out of the way, I can continue with the rumors. I heard that Kim K’s former publicist is about to write a book at tell-all about Kim and the other rich kids. Apparently, this person knows all about the brat pack. He’s even supposed to reveal why Kim likes Black guys so much. You know, she has been linked to The Game, Nick Cannnon, Reggie Bush and the p####-making Ray-J. Kim. It will also delve into her alleged plastic surgery. Chudney Ross have been rolling super tight like Kid-N-Play. Chudney is the daughter of Diana Ross. Those Ross kids are doing it way big.


Twista is getting his mind write…I mean right. He’s released a statement to comment about gas prices. People need to just stop. Ride the train. Car pool. Fly. Bike. Horse. Forget that BS, they are taking advantage right now. BOYCOTT! Not one day, but everybody, every day! Here is Twista and I step off the podium.

Friday May 18, 2007- Chicago native and Atlantic Records recording artist, Twista, is urging Americans to participate in the nationwide gas boycott on Saturday May 19th. As gas prices continue to creep towards $4 a gallon, more and more Americans are feeling the effects of the increasing gas prices as some must affect their daily routine.

“Do whatever you need to,” comments Twista in his blog with Red Eye, an edition of the Chicago Tribune. “Whether it’s using the gas you already have in the tank, taking the train, the bus, or just relaxing at home just be a part of the movement so we can try to put an end to this.”

Some estimate that a successful boycott could lead oil companies to lose over $4 billion.


Ike Turner was released from jail on some BS charges, yo! He wasn’t even doing drugs!

My boy Motley Jermaine let me know that Common has been in Chi this week filming a chase scene for the new movie he’s working on.

Damn! A big get better to Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam from The Office. She fractured four bones in her back Monday when she slipped on the marble steps at Buddakan in NYC. Thankfully, she’s not paralyzed.

Cam’ron is off probation! BEWARE!

Rumor has it, Lil’ Wayne and The Game are releasing a mixtape called Blood Brothers Mixtape.


50 Cent already has mad videos! WTF? I just put up one and here is “Straight To The Bank.”

T.I.’s gonna do it again. I like this lil’ guy!

If you eat weed brownies, you are going to jail. Cop steal weed and out it in brownies and has a bad trip? He’s allowed to…oh, watch the clip.


I got accused of hating on R. Kelly by one reader who said they would rather be pee’d on by R. Kelly than shot by a rapper. I don’t know about that one. Where is that bullet going? Is is going to kill me or is it a flesh wound? I’m never down for getting a g############ by anybody. Anyway, I thought I’d publish this letter, because she captured my opinion. Again, my OPINION, which I am entitled to and it doesn’t necessarily reflect the AHH staff…Kelly is…not guilty of a crime until he sees a day in court. (The letter is unedited!)

Hey Illseed,

it’s ya girl Panther, and I had the same feelings you had when u saw

this. How dare R. Kelly even remotely compare himself to the these Great

Icons. I’m sorry to say but R. Kelly’s career was built on strictly sex,

and that song, I Believe I can Fly doesn’t count. He hasn’t done anything

to bring Black people together (but then again he did make us realize just

how much of a freak he was with 14-yr old g############ episode). I can’t

remember any of these icons he compared himself to even remotely degrading

themselves or women like he R. Kelly has. Thats’ like comparing D4L to KRS

and Rakim. It just doesn’t make any sense.

The only thing that R. Kelly is is a cocky bastard that can sing. I

can’t ever remember him being a humble person except when he goes thru his

legal woes. He’s only a major force because no one else is doing what he’s

doing, right now. I mean if you look back at it, he stole Aaron Hall’s

whole style and ran with it, just like how 50cent stole ja-rules whole

style. When R. Kelly starts doing more on a national scale for black

people, like how Martin lead the Civil rights Movement, and Ali stood up to

the government when he didn’t want to go to war, or when Bob Marley joined

2 of jamaica’s politcal party leaders together on stage during a time when

they were wars and killing in jamaican at voting stations. And all I have

to say is that he doesn’t have the class as a Marvin Gaye to give you that

real sexual healing. That’s just my opinion. He still has a ways to go. He

should worry more about his trial because he still has that over his head.



Y’all can’t tell me s**t! Its FRIDAY, I AM ILLSEED AND I AM OUT!

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