Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Bow Wow Biting Songs? Ne-Yo Isn’t Gay…But? Dame Dash’s Lil DJ!

All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! ANOTHER ILLSEED UPDATE I generally don’t lead off with non-rumor material, but this had to be read up front! SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO END First […]

All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.



I generally don’t lead off with non-rumor material, but this had to be read up front!


First of all, can you be addicted to video games? That’s where the world is coming to? Creating sophisticated excuses for unacceptable behavior? Seems so! A 17-year-old boy shot his preacher father and murdered his mother over a video game. The kid’s defense maintained that he shot his mom and pops because he was addicted to video games. They actually fought over a game. There was evidence the boy plotted the crime for weeks and that’s why a judge tossed the weak excuse. The boy was subsequently convicted of aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder and faces life in jail. He is looking at this time, because his father would not allow him to play the video game “Halo 3.” WORD? The boy played the game like 18 hours a day. The AP describes the incident like this:

Mark Petric, who is a minister at New Life Assembly of God in Wellington, testified that his son came into the room and asked: “Would you guys close your eyes? I have a surprise for you.”

The father testified that he expected a pleasant surprise. Then his head went numb from a gunshot and he survived. His wife, Susan, 43, died of gunshot wound to the head.

Kersey said during the trial that when the teenager fled the grisly scene, he only took one item with him: the “Halo 3” game

He used his father’s gun against him.


I know Ne-Yo says he isn’t gay and I’ll believe him. But, he’s not convincing people saying this stuff! He’s got a crush on Prince:

“He crashed a party I threw after the Grammys in 2008. I rarely get star struck but when he walked in I turned into a schoolgirl and didn’t know what to say.”

If at any point, you were looking for Barack Obama to “save” you are create change overnight, you are a damn fool. O recently told George Stephanopoulos that Americans would have to “sacrifice” and that he wouldn’t be able to do every single thing he said while campaigning.

“Everybody’s going to have to give. Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game.”


Every now and then, I plan to do an “Epic Win” so that I can balance out the craziness. Check out Rukus and “Dear Tatiana (Letter to Oscar Grant’s Daughter)” – Produced by Kid Konnect! This is a real nice song.

DAME DASH’S SON DJ HEIR BOOGZ – Shouldn’t he be studying!? (I KID, I KID!)


Ya’ll need to remember Teflon! If you didn’t, he’s down with MOP and been spitting for years. Real dope cat! Check out his new freestyle!


Yester day, the news department had a story about a new revamped “Electric Company with a decidedly Hip-Hop flair (click to read it). So its coming back Hip-Hop…BUT, it was always Hip-Hop. Click here to see Morgan Freeman when he used to rap on the original “Electric Company” back in the day.

Click here for the realness. The New G-Dep Mixtape! Click here to download it!UPDATE: SHELZ TALKS SAIGON! My girl Shelz weighs in on the rumors and gossip…Saigon Still Talking Greasy About Budden, But Shouts Out Prodigy?He’s been releasing a whole bunch of videos recently with not so nice things to say about a few folks.  He’s still talking about the infamous Prodigy punch-n-run at SOB’s that happened forever ago. He said it upsets him when folks say he ran, but I could have sworn that’s what I saw. Anyway, he talked about Budden starting mess and then leaving the area when ish gets tight.  He said he has no issue with Prodigy and told P to hold his head.  He also showed a pic of him at a body building contest looking all hairless and extra shiny.  I ain’t mad at him. Saigon says this whole video onslaught is some reverse psychology to draw in the ignorant folks to his music since yall love the drama so much. Funny.


This is the new Bow Wow song and he’s extolling the virtues of a bigger woman.

But…Mike Epps had this in 2008…and got a lot of laughs. Same exact beat!!!!

Verdict: Bow Wow Jacked This!Diddy Gives Us the Diddy Biggie Blog

I also read somewhere that he’s feeling like Lil Kim is acting like a baby and she needs to get it together. I’m there on Friday. Definitely.


You know, I don’t believe we’ve ever interviewed Pun’s wife on AHH. We should, if we haven’t. You guys might not remember, because it seems like there is a new jack every day saying something crazy like I aint been here for years. Anyway, I always regarded Big Pun as one of the illest EVER, who sadly died young.

Well, it is well know that he was abusive to his wife, but an old song reveals new things that we may have forgotten.

Click the pic to hear the verse where Pun lets it all be known and apologized to his wife. I didn’t know, Pun, but I have a lot more respect for him now.


Here is any interesting rumor. I heard that Sean Price and UG formally of the Cella Dwellas started working on an album together.

There is a “recent” interview of Charli Baltimore that hit the net. Somebody told me that its actually about 4 or 5 months old and was conducted after Faith’s book came out.

Sorry guys, I can’t say names, but there is a rumor that a Hip-Hop mogul beat up his girlfriend severely.

I saw the vid where Kanye says he gets his style from “The Gays.” I’m just not in the mood. Shout out to Liris Crosse.

Rumor has it, Diddy isn’t happy with the way Lil Kim has responded to the “Notorious” movie.




I wonder why he didn’t just quit? Oh well, shout out to

Essence for the reply scoop and here is what he told them.


 “Island [Def Jam

Records] is going to say what makes them look good. They are not going to tell

the truth and say, “He just stopped dealing with us on a daily basis.” If you

don’t put out my records, that’s all I have as a person. I’m a record person,

so if I give you a record and you don’t put it out, then basically you’re

showing me that it’s really no business. I never got a chance to put the

records out. I had Johnta Austin, Ninth Ward and Dondria. I read the blogs and

I’m thinking, How can they say that I’m not putting out records when anyone who

knows my track record knows I’m about making music? My biggest problem is that

I’m still the youngest president to have this kind of success. Music is my

life. I’m a person who continues to carve out my own way. Instead of watching

things happen, I make them happen. If L.A.

[Reid] gets fired at Def Jam (he’s 20 years older than me) where is he going to

go? Many of the people at the label; if their bosses were to fire them today,

they don’t have anything else to do. Their lives are over. I’m not that dude.

Life ain’t over for me.”

FRENCH MONTANA GOES IN ON JIM JONES?You all know I’m anti-street beef but since this one will more than likely remain on wax with popo hot on Jimmy, here is the world premiere of French’s “Number One Draft Pick.”  Enjoy.

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