Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Jay-Z Mad At VH1? Drakes New Girl? Slaughterhouse’s Real Sales!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE Check out the new blog from Erick Sermon of EPMD, where he talks about the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors! Email me your rumors, sightings and […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Check out the new blog from Erick Sermon of EPMD, where he talks about the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors!

Email me your rumors, sightings and various stuff you may be hearing.


I have a source and that source knows what they are talking about. They are talking about Jay-Z and his relationship to VH1. That source tells me that Jay-Z has a bone to pick with VH1 for some reason or another. They didn’t know the actual reason. But, whatever the reason, Jay-Z refuses to do anything with them. I was under the impression that it was an issue with Def Jam or something, but it is not. Anyway, this scorn caused Jay to basically pull all of his talented cohorts like Kanye, Rihanna and Memphis Bleek! I mean, nobody from Roc-A-Fella was even there! That’s crazy!


There have been so rumors surrounding the whole Slaugherhouse project. Remember how disappointed the internet was and how Hip-Hop was totally down on itself, because SH moved under 20,000 units? This is an example of what I was saying about Jay-Z and those damn numbers. Numbers can give a false impression. Why? From what I understand, 1) Slaughterhouse was selling through about 80% of all copies of their album were SHIPPED. 2) From what un understand, a lot of the album sold were actually promo copies and those won’t actually register with SoundScan. God willing they got the money from those sales.


First I had to ask myself, “WTF is a CLASSY?” Did Drizzy go back to school? NO. I got a rumor that Drake is dating this girl:

So, here is the rest of the rumor from a female source of mind that saw this with her own two eyes.

So I’m in orlando a couple days ago shopping at Polo in the premiere shops and who do I see together??… Classy from Real Chance of love 2 and Drake along wit a kid. She looked amazing..looks way better than how she does on tv. So they’re shopping and the funniest thing happens. A Polo employee walks up to Classy and askes her if she watches the show cuz she looks like classy but better and while she denies it the kid that’s with them says “mom just tell him”…smh the lil boy looks like both drake and classy so that had me thinkin. Another crazy thing that happened was the Polo employee ask her for an autograph and did not pay drake any attention..I mean did he not know who drake was?? He was just looking at clothes with the kid and on top of that they didn’t even buy s###. DIDDY SAYS WHITNEY DISSED BOBBY!

Diddy says that he won’t get married, because of Whitney and Bobby…and crack. SMH…poor Cassie. I see where this is headed!


Check out as Chino XL goes in on Chris Brown, Kanye, Nick Cannon, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and a whole bunch of other relevant celebrities. He gives a shout out to DJ AM.




This year’s Social Lounge is going to be crazy! Come to Newark, NJ at the NJPAC center for a night of political and community discourse! This year we are bringing to you Raekwon, Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga, Saigon, Rosa Clemente, Immortal Technique, Ras Baraka and Blitz The Ambassador….we’re getting it in! Click below to see the last event, that event! Killer Mike was so good on the panel, we brought him back! BIGGA!

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 Click here for the details of the new Social Lounge. Killer Mike went in, right?TWITTER FOLLIES

Is Fabolous riding for Jay-Z again? The day after Gucci Mane dies Jay-Z, Fab goes in on him.

#anybodyseen Gucci Mane chapstick?? He’s in ATL but his lips r in Alaska.. BURRRRRRRR!!!!! LOL

This Twitter is going to get somebody hurt.


Shout out to Kingpin outta Southend, UK!

What is the status of JR Writer? Dude got shot and that was it. I hope it wasn’t a promotional shooting.

Why do people really take stock in what Asher Roth says about Obama? Seriously.

Check out the new Triple C’s song. Triple C’s ft. Gucci Mane – “Trickin Off”

Rumors are swirling that a lot of people, if not all, of the Bad Boy staff was laid off.

Roxanne Shante has said sorry for lying to us. I am sure there is more, but I am disappointed. She was reppin’ something totally fake.


You know, I totally hate when I censor myself. So, when I got this, I ignored it. It was likei didn’t see it. Then it hit me…people need to have fun with this. LOL. What was going on at the African MTV Awards for Clef and Akon to have a picture like this snapped?


If it is your birthday, this is for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Fans of Juve are about to be impressed by his lyrically prowess. Here, he also talks about the Hot Boys reunion. This happens to be exclusive!

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Here you go. The whole AllHiphop staff likes this dude – Jasiri X. Why is he under the signs the world is coming to an end? He’s somebody you should consider listening to when it comes to Obama, not Ashy Asher Roth. No disrespect to Asher, but he’s a party rapper and he’s clearly not the DUDE in politics.

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I don’t know much about Belgium, but it is clear…they don’t like pranks. These dudes straight got pranked and it turned into an a$$ kicking session!


Yes, don’t get too exciting, my readers!


For those that don’t know, Chance encounters is the section of the site for Chance, the other guy that does rumors. His views are his and ours are ours. Here he goes.


Looks like November 23 is going to be fun…50 Cent and Rihanna both plan to release highly anticipated albums that Monday.  This will be Rihanna’s first album since the Chris Brown incident.  Drake and Justin TImberlake are amongst some of the people rumored to have helped her this go around.  She has been out in Europe shooting for the album and was spotted in NYC the other day having dinner with Jay-Z, maybe getting some game time advice from the ex-boss???  50 on the other hand has kept us waiting all year for Before I Self Destruct and it’s finally ready.  He will be releasing the album along with a fictional hustler movie of the same title and another DVD, a documentary about his late mentor and hip hop icon Jam Master Jay.  Does this mean Detox is on deck???

RAPPERS GIVING BACKI love hearing about rappers giving back to the community so if a local celebrity is doing something to help people in your hood hit me up and let me know.  Today I’m focusing on Master P and his effort to feed and clothe over a million kids whose parents lack education, are homeless, have mental

or physical disabilities, have life threatening illnesses, are facing addiction or come from single family homes or the

foster care system.  He’s partnered Onemilliongifts.org to give money and time to make sure this holiday season is a little better for these kids.MELYSSA FORD EXPOSEDApparently Melyssa Ford p##### off the wrong people yesterday Natasha Ellie and Denyce Lawton went IN on her via Twitter.  Apparently they are upset they helped her out when she was down and now Melyssa is acting shady.  They are looking to “slap [their] names” out of Miss. Fords mouth which has serviced a lot of the music industry as well as her a** which has been her pass through life seeing as she didn’t graduate High School.  I’d love to see these 3 go at it…wrestling each other…ripping each others clothes off…sweat glistening off of their ….let me stop before I end up looking like Slim Thug on here

IM JUST SAYIN’After Al Pacino dropped out of school and before his acting career took off he spent some time in Italy trading sex for food and shelter … damn Tony Montana was out there on the track … SMH

Someone recently stole Solange’s handbag and her bicycle … she is devastated … at what age are you to old to get your bike taken??The Yankees have made Run This Town their official song changing the lyrics to “The Yanks gonna run this town tonight” … Thats some Who Let The Dogs Out ish right there

Tyra Banks made $30 million last year making her the highest paid women in primetime TV … she’s making a good run for Oprahs spotI met Nicki Minaj back in ’07 and maybe it was the jeans but she wasn’t carrying that a** around back then…(I know my hat was too green…sorry)

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