Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Mama Joyce Still Keeping Todd and Kandi From Getting Married

The fact that Mama Joyce is still talking ish about Kandi and Todd’s relationship might be why there’s no date yet.

There was an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta where Mama Joyce said she was going to back off Kandi’s man, Todd, but it looks like she’s having a hard time keeping that promise.

Mama Joyce, who has made it clear that she doesn’t want her daughter to marry Todd because she feels he is an opportunist, has taken more shots at him via In Touch. In the issue, on stands now, she alleges that the only person Todd cares about is himself.

“Kandi’s on one page, and Todd is on his page,” Joyce tells In Touch, noting that her daughter had originally wanted a Valentine’s Day ceremony. “Kandi is in love — and Todd is in love with Todd. He could love Kandi, but he loves Todd more.”

Kandi was in wedding-planning mode on RHOA but all the mama drama made her reconsider her plans for a big wedding, including the dates they were thinking about. Now it sounds like things are really up in the air because during a recent visit to Watch What Happens Live, Todd told host Andy Cohen, “We’re taking it day-by-day,” when asked about the status of his nuptials.

Shady boots.