Hip-Hop Rumors: Is The Illuminati Destroying Chris Christie?


Here’s a rumor you don’t hear everyday, but I got this from one of my peoples in the conspiracy theory world. He’s actually in politics. But, peep it. Chris Christie was the darling of New Jersey for the longest, but now it looks like he’s slowly being eroded like the Jersey Shore. What happened? First of all, all his political digressions are coming out like rappers in dresses. There is the whole traffic jam situation on New York’s George Washington bridge aka BridgeGate. Then, there is the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy. They say this dude Christie basically hijacked the funds that’s supposed to go to the clean up effort. Then, they say he took whatever funds he did dole out to his friends and cut out the other contractors. BUT…why all this…why now? Christie is so cool with Obama.

This is why:

Hillary Clinton testifies

The powers that be aka The Illuminated Ones want to stop Chris Christie before his big butt can get rolling downhill. Basically, they want to stop him from running for president before he can actually run for president. All this scandal is coming at a time when dude was becoming slightly likable. But, he’s also systematically raping the education sector….closing schools and putting his people in the newly privatized schools.

He’s gotta go on so many levels.

He was sworn in as The Governor of New Jersey just yesterday.