Hip-Hop Rumors: Ivy Leaguers Mad At Jeezy & Pusha T! LA Reid Fired From Def Jam?

DISCLAIMER:All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.WHO: illseedWHAT: Rumors, Funnies, Fails and more!WHERE: illseed.com, twitter.com.illseedHOW: Send your rumors, sightings and ill pics to illseed at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com. THE DAILY TWO SENSE I am on Twitter and I am seeing a […]


content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.WHO: illseedWHAT: Rumors, Funnies, Fails and more!WHERE: illseed.comtwitter.com.illseedHOW: Send your rumors, sightings and ill pics to illseed at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com. THE DAILY TWO SENSE

I am on Twitter and I am seeing a bunch of people complaining about being hacked, mostly celebs. I’m on my phone, where I think it is save to be on there. I did a bit of research and here is what the mashable.com is reporting:

A new Twitter security flaw has been widely exploited on thousands of Twitter accounts, redirecting users to third-party websites without their consent.

The bug is particularly nasty because it works on mouseover only, meaning pop-ups and third-party websites can open even if you just move your mouse over the offending link.

The flaw uses a JavaScript function called onMouseOver which creates an event when the mouse is passed over a chunk of text. We’ve seen the flaw being abused to launch simple pop-up windows, redirect users elsewhere (including p### sites), and we’ve also seen it used in combination with blocks of color, covering the true “intention” of the tweet.

For now, the best course of action is using only third-party apps such as TweetDeck to access Twitter, as the bug only seems to affect Twitter’s web interface. Also, if your Twitter account contains a message abusing the flaw, you can delete it using a third-party app.

As for the rumors…kinda dead right now. I am going to add what I have an get back to you later in the day. L.A. REID FIRED FROM DEF JAM?Swiped from theYBF.com! Looks like that multi-million dollar deal L.A. Reid cut with rapper Shyne

pushed the Def Jam board over the edge.  We hear he just got his pink

slip yesterday.  News on Mr. Reid getting AXED when you read on…

It’s been talked about for over a year now.  After Kevin Liles was “let go” last year from Def Jam, rumor had it that Chairman and CEO of Island Def Jam Music Group L.A. Reid would be next.

Our source inside the Def Jam offices tells us that Mr. Reid, who was responsible for signing Mariah Carey, Pink, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Toni Braxton, TLC, Usher, Ciara, and OutKast, copped his walking papers yesterday afternoon.

“Def Jam fired L.A. Reid,” the source tells us.  “He got the boot from the Board of Execs yesterday.”

Of course, the Def Jam folks are planning to keep the announcement

very P.C.  They will likely put out a statement saying things were

cordial and/or mutual.  But that’s def not the case, according to our

source.   Def Jam indeed did not renew his contract.For more, got to theYBF.com.


The proverbial s**t has hit the fan for Young Jeezy and Pusha T, who is newly signed to Kanye West. Not sure if you heard the song “Illin’, but there is a line in there that the Ivy League Community is upset about. Pusha T raps: “No amount of record sales could derail this. Stuffing dead prezzies in the wall like that Yale b***h.” What does that mean? Last year a 24-year-old female student was murdered at Yale University and her name was Annie Le. She was found dead on what was to be her wedding day. And she was found in the walls of a university building. The story and controversy are spreading like wildfire, because they feel that rap is ignorant and insensitive to the woman’s death.

Here it is…what do you think?

Jeezy is catching a lot of the flack and he didn’t even say the rap. One person said: “Annie was an amazing girl. She had more class then Jay Jenkins (Young Jeezy) ever will. She didn’t deserve what happened to her and this lame attempt at edgy rhymes is over the line. Our world is much worse for our loss of Annie’s talents and humanity. Making light of her terrible murder doesn’t make Jenkins “street” or “real” it just makes him an ignorant ______.”


(Detroit, Michigan – September 21, 2010) –- Eddie Franklin, son of Aretha Franklin was severely beaten last night in the Plymouth/Evergreen section of Detroit at a gasoline station. Eddie Franklin is currently undergoing surgery at an area hospital.

According to an eyewitness, there were three accomplices—two males and one female, all African Americans. The young lady was about 19 years of age, with a short hair cut wearing blue jeans with a hoodie type jacket with a brown skin complexion. One of the males was around six feet tall, dark complexion with dreadlocks.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact Sergeant Sudds at 313-596-1200 or Officer Benny Napoleon at the Detroit Police Department.


Dude looks happy as a dude on a coke high!

A bathroom attendant told on Bruno as he tried to take a sniff of the white stuff.


There’s nothing here, people..move on…but Wale did talk to DJ Drama on Shade45 and Drama got him to talk a lil bit.

People are still talking about Wale allegedly getting beat up. Man, I don’t think it happened to be honest, but some people have gone so far as to say that he got 13 stitches. We’d know if that happened!


It looks like OJ Simpson has hit rock bottom. Pause. But, word to everything, they are saying that he has a crew of gay prisoners that cater to his every whim. They are called “The Girls.”

J-Lo’s ex Ojani Noa is starving for attention. He supposedly will endure the long American Idol lines to audition in front of his ex-wife. What a bum.

Drake really does have a crush on Nicki Minaj. He wrote the song “I’m Ready” for her.

Amy Winehouse has fallen out with former producer Mark Ronson, because he took too much credit for songs she created. She said he is “dead to me” on twitter. Salaam Remi – of Nas fame – is still on board.

Shout out to Octomom! She’s been offered $500,000 (tht’s half a milli) to do a p#### for Vivid Video. She’s refusing to take any clothing off. She’s about to lose her home that holds her 14 kids. EPIC FAIL OF THE DAY

Is she for real? Sadly, I think she is!


I don’t know if you remember this wack job. His name was Richard “Syko Sam” McCroskey and he was a wack rapper. He did a really sick kind of HorroCore rap. That he eventually acted out when he killed four people, including his girlfriend and her minister daddy. When keeping is really goes horribly wrong. Sam was found guilty on all accounts and will spend the rest of his young life in jail. Dude is from the same neck of the woods as Lady of Rage.

Dude rapped about this stuff…and he was wack. SHOUT OUT TO NORE!

Remember Nore did a live stream on AHH? Here is the video that he was shooting that day.


Looking like a classic to me.


Maybe I have been in a Kelly Rowland-induced fog too long. Ciara, hello!


I see you are doing quite lovely without Joe Budden.

TAHIRY & CIARA, WE LOVE YOU! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!