Hip-Hop Rumors: Janet & Mariah: The Scoop! Juelz’s Cut Weeds! Eddie Murphy Divorced!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Hip-Hop Rumors: Joel Ortiz Off Aftermath? Is Bow Wow Crazy? Amy Winehouse’s Big Test! THE NEWS RUN DOWN! Rick Ross To Walk Roy Jones Jr. To […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Joel Ortiz Off Aftermath? Is Bow Wow Crazy? Amy Winehouse’s Big Test!


Rick Ross To Walk Roy Jones Jr. To Ring

Wu-Tang Affiliate Killah Priest Readies New Album

Grandmaster Flash, Furious 5, Common Featured in Smithsonian

Crucial Conflict Drops First Album In 9 Years

David Banner, Ice Cube Star In ‘The Comeback’


Dunno if you’ve seen the reports of Bishop Lamont saying that he believes Joell Got dropped, but what I have heard is that’s a misunderstanding. Sure, there are people that get dropped from Aftermath. But Joell Ortiiz isn’t one of them. From what I heard, he was really a bit tired of waiting and getting acclaim, but seeing no forward movement.

Joell formally requested a  release from Aftermath. I heard Dr. Dre really didn’t want want to let him go, because he likes Joell. From what I hear, they both had a man-to-man conversation and they agreed to go their separate ways. I think it was a case where Interscope wants Detox and Em’s next CD before anything and anybody. That means another year MINIMUM for anybody else barring a 50 Cent-type rapper.

Joell didn’t want to wait, I am hearing.

The release isn’t even final, from what I heard and Dre will be on the upcoming album. I even heard Joell will still lend his writing to the Detox CD, which will yield excellent publishing dividends. From what I hear, Joell will continue to be quiet about this for a minute.


I am not that smart, but here is some stuff for you people that don’t know anything about geography. Amsterdam is in Holland. (How did Amsterdam get more popular?) Anyway, I know a promoter that lives in Amsterdam and was looking to book Juelz Santana for a show over there. Rappers love Amsterdam for reasons we all know – they love that sticky icky icky ooh wahh. Well, from what I heard, Juelz was all set to go over there, but somehow he wanted the Amsterdam promoters to transport his greenery to Holland. Now I don’t know what’s special about this Santana greenery, but it’s not very feasible to get that over there. Furthermore, the Amsterdam people claim to have the best of the best when it comes to that so cats were a bit offended at the notion that he’d want to bring his U.S. concoction over there in the first place. Whew, the peeps are livid!


Sooooooooo…what I heard L.A. Reid was out in the UK to let a group of tastemakers hear the new albums by Janet and Mariah Carey. I will keep it 100 and tell you that people I know say that Mariah’s sounds like a better overall album. On the flip side, I was also told that Janet has the better, standout singles. I personally am mostly interested in Mariah, because R&B is stale to me and her last CD was hot. From what I heard, the crowd seemed to favor Mariah as well.

Here are some bullet points and I will unveil the rest on Thursday,

Reid said Mariah had a failed album and Janet had two failed albums at EMI and Def Jam brought Mariah back and will do same for Janet.

Janet’s CD is about 80% finished.

Reid commented that he really didn’t want to sign Janet because of her last two projects but realized that it was EMI’s fault, not the icon. To him, Janet is an icon and trendsetter and she had the wrong team. Is that a JD diss?

Reidie informed everybody that Mariah’s CD is called That Chick and will be released on April 1st – April Fool’s!

L.A. Reid didn’t play the full album of either star and what was heard sounded really good. They did play a lot though.

Tomorrow we’ll have a break down of the songs that were played.


I want to call this guy Bow Wow again, but he keeps doing so much backwards stuff, I have to keep it Wow Bow. Here is the latest. One of my lady friends (shout out to Nastashia) saw Wow Bow recently out there in Nashville and got parts of the crowd a lil’ upset because he was reppin’ his ‘hood too much. Apparently, while he was in Cashville, he continually shouted out the “614” and that’s an area code in Columbus, OH, where he was born. Nastashia’s descriptions of Wow Bow were too funny, but I won’t print it because I will be branded a hater. You all might forget, I was one of the first to chastise the young buck (for dissing Will Smith). Apparently, at this show, he stated that he and Chris Brown were still cool, but it was Chris Brown’s people that were messing up his show.

On that note, I heard Chris Brown headlined the show and was also filming a DVD at the same time. One thing Wow Bow did that everybody liked was bring out Young Buck, who was probably seen as an Old Buck at that screamfest.


I think I am going to do these rumors American Idol style and let you the people decide who wins! This is just a test run from Allie, who wrote me some rumors as proof she is the one for the spot. Here is what she had to say:

Scott Storch a Deadbeat Dad, Say Word!?!

(This ain’t illseed, Scott. I know you ballin’ for real!) Rumor has Scott Storch apparently knocked up some chick name Daniel who gave birth to Jalen Scott Storch 4 months ago. While Storch is allegedly ballin’ out of control in Miami, she is unemployed and trying to get some help through courts. (Illseed note: this lady filed suit back in the summertime.) Who knows what is next with Scott.

Randy “Restraining Order” Moss

According to an affidavit obtained by WDBO-AM radio and filed in Broward County, Fla., Randy Moss committed battery upon the victim, Rachelle Washington, causing serious injury — and then refused to allow her to seek medical attention. No criminal charges have been filed. Moss is denying all allegations and claiming the woman motives are money driven. A hearing in the case is scheduled for January 28 — the Monday before the Super Bowl.

Cocaine is one hell of a Drug!

The San Diego County Coroner is reporting that Ike Turner died of an accidental cocaine overdose. Paul Parker, Chief Investigator at the Medical Examiner’s Office said, ” We are listing that he abused cocaine, and that’s what resulted in the cocaine toxicity.” Oh, well Ike — RIP!


I ask:

Prenump > Spirituality?

MAN, I love Eddie Murphy for all that he has done as an actor and comedian but I gotta wonder – WTF!?!

Since I am generally listening to Philly radio, I am not sure what’s going on, but I heard Wendy Williams was murdering Eddie over it. (OH, I have been informed that Wendy isn’t a fan of Dallas either. Sorry, Dallas fans…I gotta stab and twist when the stabbin’ is good!) Well, Eddie’s nuptials to Tracy Edmonds only lasted about two weeks. They went over seas in Bora Bora for an intimate ceremony. It was all-good just a week ago. THEN BOOM! People magazine is officially reporting that it’s KAPUT. I think the ghost of Scary Spice’s past got in mix and sprinkled some Karma over the wedding? Anyway, I don’t think they ever got officially married even thought they had that special ceremony.

So I ask again:

Prenump > Spirituality?


Out in Victorville, CA, they were quite disappointed in Twista. From what I have been told, the dude just bailed on a pre-booked date at Club Karma. There were some disgruntled fans that had their frown turned upside down when they got a surprise. Somehow the club managed to secure KRS-One at the last minute. I heard the Blast Master freestyled the majority of the show, but that as to the delight of the crowd. No set trippin’ or any fighting. Just Hip-Hop, fun and energy.


Ok, I know this is the job I do, but I gotta admit I am feeling stanish by default. Anyway, here is the latest by the New York Post. I don’t even feel like typing this with my own fingers right now. Apparently there was a disturbance.

“Tommy Fazio, the men’s fashion director for the luxury store, showed up to the Versace men’s show in Milan and took his usual front-row seat, and all was well until the late arrival of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. According to our insider, the standing-room-only event was pushed even later when Beyoncé’s hulking bodyguard didn’t have a seat. Our shocked spy said, ‘A minion, who obviously had no idea who Tommy was, told him to get up so the guard could sit down.’ Fazio wasn’t pleased and said, ‘Fine – I don’t stand at shows, so please escort me to the door.’ Afterward, Fazio canceled his post-show appointment with the fashion house. Onlookers were shocked, but Beyoncé was blissfully unaware as she went from the show to the GQ party that followed, where she sat in a corner with Jay-Z and ‘read the magazine before leaving after 15 minutes.'”

Versace reps dismissed it as a misunderstanding. I am going to call myself Stanseed soon. LOL.


Chauncey Hannibal aka Chancey Black, a former singer with Blackstreet, has been tossed in a Virginia Beach City Jail for grand larceny, desertion and/or non-support of a spouse and/or children and last and maybe least failure to appear in court on a misdemeanor charge. They extradited him from California to Hampton Roads, VA. Times are hard on the boulevard. Cats need to stop living the life of an entertainer and get a JOB. Word to MC Rell & The Houserockers.


Click here to weigh in on the age-old discussion.

I also offer my opinion over there in the Ill Community as well.


I don’t hate Hillary Clinton, but I really hated to see her and Bob Johnson go at Barack Obama. It should be possible to support her without going all out and throwing the man under the bus. That looks fishy, especially with Bobby making accusations of drug use or abuse. I thought this pic of Bill and Hillary was hilarity. We all know what Hippie Love is all about…lol!

Ashanti still got it! She has a new song out and, well…she still got it!


Even though Ice Cube has the money, I heard Chris Tucker will not do the new Friday movie because 1) his religious beliefs and 2)……MONEY!

OK, no more rumor sidekick emails! Thanks and I will be taking up a lot of life going through these emails.

Arie Spears is poking Saaphyri? Wow. Apparently they were hanging out in LA and were unable to get into Club Hyde. OH, for some reason, AllHipHop decided she was worth interviewing. LOL. Click here to read about the Flavorette.

Last year, I got a lotta FLACK…check this out though and talk to me. Top 20 Media Zone Songs For 2007…I think the numbers are going to surprise a lot of you.

Click here to see some pictures from DJ Clue’s birthday party a few days ago.


Rayful Edmond is out of jail, yall! What you know about Rayful? Me? Nothing. That’s not my lane, but I keep tabs on cats. When somebody hit me to the fact that Rayful Edmond, one of infamous crack distributors of Washington DC was out, I damn near ran for cover. After I conferred with one of the real OGs, he told me that the person that got out was actually his daddy, Rayful, Jr. The infamous crack dealer is Rayful, III and he is in jail for the rest of his days on this earth. Rayful, Jr. was a government worker, but the 68 year old was also a drug peddler that allegedly taught his son the life. I don’t know what he was in jail for. (Edmond turned snitch for a bucket of CHICKEN!!!!!! DAG!)


Saaphyri to AllHipHop.com on the appeal of Flavor Flav:

“I’ve dated some guys that have probably looked worse than Flav, but they had good hearts, or at least I thought so at the time. It was never about the appearances. I want to get to know a person. Plus Flavor smelled so good. He smelled really good.”

(Flavor Flav smells good…WOW. I made a resolution to no longer say “pause,” but I have to say PAUSE to that!)

Read AllHipHop’s story on Russell Simmons and how he is a hair away from endorsing Hillary Clinton for the presidency. Here is a quote to wet your beak [AllHipHop.com]:

“So, its difficult for me to go with somebody I don’t know. There are some real hard issues. My brain has been with Hillary Clinton a long time and I’m trying to get my heart…I met with Barack once.”

Bun B on Hillary and Barack[AllHipHop.com]:

“I’m still waiting to see. I think its still a little early. I’m really, really leaning that way [towards Obama]. I’m sitting back and seeing who’s going to do what. I don’t know enough about Barack and it would be ignorant of me to get just behind him just because he’s Black. But I’m not saying Barack ain’t down.”

Killer Mike on meeting Minister Farrakhan [AllHipHop.com]:

“Mr. Farrakhan has been a tremendous influence in my life the last 12, 15 years. The only way I can describe it to people is, I likened it to the woman who met Jesus, who just wanted to touch his hand. He really has been a messiah like force in my life. Meeting him was genuinely overwhelming. I wept from the time I sat down and saw him to the time I spoke to him.”

A PSA….The other  side of Russell…


Whew – this is a real statement that the world is coming to an end. SCARY! This stuff is wild and I am wondering why I am just seeing it now! Microchips? New World Order? One World Government? OH, you have to see this! CNN represented on this one.


I heard Rock from Heltah Skeltah got arrested some time in the recent past on attempted murder charges. Since he is a dope MC, I thought I would pay homage to him and Ruck! Hope he didn’t do it!

Heltah Skeltah – “Therapy”

“BLAH” – Heltah Skeltah and OGC!

Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka f/ Heltaha Skeltah

“I Ain’t Having That”



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