Hip-Hop Rumors: Jas Prince Still Suing Drake And Cash Money Records


Jas Prince filed suit against Cash Money, saying the company owed him millions of dollars after his company Young Empire Music Group discovered Drake and signed him to Aspire Music Group.

Once Cash Money wanted to sign Drizzy, it was agreed that they would pay a certain percentage of  Drake’s profits and advances to Prince, but according to him he saw none. The company did deposit $1 million into his bank account, but according to him he was owed a total of $5 million.

The Jasmine Brand reports:

“Lil Wayne’s record label Cash Money reportedly fired back at Jas Prince. They claimed the deal they made for Drake was signed by Aspire Music Group and they were to pay them the commissions NOT Jas or his company.

Then on November 21st, Jas headed to court to fire back at the excuses by Cash Money on them not paying him millions. Jas explains that Cash Money can’t say they have no obligation to pay him because they have sent him millions of dollars from Drake’s music royalties — proving they are fully aware they are to pay him the money made. In the court docs, he says that as of July 2013, Drake has pulled in a total of 84 MILLION DOLLARS — to which Cash Money has profited a total of 40 million from that income. Jas says that Cash Money would have NEVER seen that 40 million if it wasn’t for him bringing Drake to them.”

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