Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z As Frank Lucas? Rockers Got Jokes? Can’t Ban The Snowman!

TOO MUCH WORK! Yesterday, I did entirely too much work. If today’s rumors look thin…GUESS WHY? Previous rumors! THE G-UNIT PREMIERE FOR “FEELS GOOD” – CLICK HERE! LUPE FIASCO CHOKES A GIRL OUT? – CLICK HERE! (the update is below) DA BRAT RUMORS RUN WILD! – CLICK HERE! (the update is below) YOU CAN’T BAN […]


Yesterday, I did entirely too much work. If today’s rumors look thin…GUESS WHY?

Previous rumors!


LUPE FIASCO CHOKES A GIRL OUT? – CLICK HERE! (the update is below)

DA BRAT RUMORS RUN WILD! – CLICK HERE! (the update is below)


I really can say that I don’t know what happened with Jeezy and the DJs from North Carolina. I can say that according to rumor, the ban on Jeezy has been lifted. I think that some facts came out and some things were cleared up. Either way, Jeezy and Jamz worked it out. That’s cool. You can’t ban the Snow mMan. I will try to get the real deal asap.


They actually look a lot alike. I used the old classic gangster pic of Jay for affect.

So let me get this. Jay-Z wanted to play Frank Lucas in American Gangster, according to a source for Sandra Rose. Jay-Z gets turned down for role after Denzel enters the picture. Jay then offers to do the soundtrack, which was also denied. Jay-Z then does a concept album anyway to do what he wanted to regardless. Ah…this is a horrible paraphrasing of a rumor that Sandra Rose has posted about the Jigga Man. She has a source that told her the info though. Well, actually Jay admitted that the studio didn’t think he could hold down the whole sound track. I don’t know for certain, but I do know that Jay really talked a lot about being able to relate to Frank’s laid-back demeanor. In fact, I always felt Jay could make a great actor since I saw the video for “Streets Is Watching.”

Check it out and tell me what you think.


People think I hate Lupie. Not true. I definitely think he disrespected A Tribe Called Quest in a number of ways. And an eye witness said he saw the Lupe man choke a girl. I didn’t even make such a claim! I wrote a rumor (somebody told me about it) and later got a separate letter that said what it said. I would never LIE about somebody being violent towards somebody, especially a female. Plus, I don’t get into it with rappers. Rappers are violent and dangerous and they kill and sell drugs. I will say I don’t believe this, but here is what somebody close to Lupious said about what happened at the T-Mobile party.

Oh, and Lupe didn’t get into any fight with a female at some tmobile party in nyc either…Someone in his crew accidently spilled a drink on a girl, and some dudes jumped in…that was it…stop the rumors folks…Fiasco don’t get down like that…

Illseed: fair and balanced.

As for you genius fans asking about Lupie doing a show in Chicago and calling me a liar for saying he was in New York at a T-Mobile party…have you ever heard of PLANES? Stay a fan, b! People are clueless! (Chi Town is roughly two hours away from NY.) I’m done with this.


Before I get to the Kanye stuff, I heard that Amy Winehouse was at the MTV Europe Awards and homegirl looked really out of it. She won an award and went up there and just shrugged her shoulders, I heard. That Blake dude…damn it! I hope this isn’t Lauryn Hill all over again.

So, Kanye was NOT at the MTV Europe Awards. But Justice was. This was the frech duo that bested Kanye last year for best video. Anyway, they won again. They were cracking jokes, seemingly expecting Ye to show up. I heard they said, “Kanye, where are you?” and other comments of that nature. Justice’s new song beat ‘Ye’s “Stronger.”

On top of that, I heard my girl Kelly Rowland said a lil’ slickness about Kanye. From what I understand, she was the presenter of the award and she joked, “This is for best video…not most expensive one. You know I’m talking to you Kanye!” WOW! I thought Kelly was nicer than that!


Here is her mug shot:

The latest on Da Brat is that she got charged with aggravated assault. She and a waitress got into shoving match in JD’s Studio 72 Club with a waitress. Here is the CNN Report:

Parish said the police report indicates Harris (Da Brat) and a 24-year-old waitress at the club got into a squabble after the waitress bumped into her. At some point, the waitress walked away and moments later was hit in the face with a bottle of rum.

Parish said the waitress, who sustained a deep laceration to the cheek and some swelling on the forehead, was driven to a hospital by a friend.

Parish said Harris’ address is listed as Chicago. It wasn’t known why she was in the Atlanta area.

I have one word: PRAY!


I told you my girl Rihanna was spazzing out over that earthquake! Anyway, here is Ri Ri talking about it…with a dash of Baby Bash.

(Shout out to Jon!)


The Dog The Bounty Hunter dude’s show has been indefinitely suspended by A&E. His son was dating a female that was Black/Latina and Dog Man didn’t like it. Ironically, he predicted his own demise in the phone call. He told his son on the phone, “I’m not going to take a chance ever in life of losing everything I’ve worked for because some f**king n**ger heard us say, ‘N**ger’ and turns us into the Enquirer magazine. Our career is over.” His own son turned in the audio to the Enquirer. Thanks Ivan!


She wants to remake Nelly’s song so its only fair that Nelly get to swipe her! I think rockers are still mad from Run DMC’s “Walk This Way.”


“They turning me into Malcolm X.” Hey, maybe jail is going to be good for P! Angie Ma got up with Prodigy!


I heard that the family of Bumpy Johnson are all set to dispute the gangster’s representation in the “American Gangster” movie. They categorically will refute certain details.

Foxy Brown and Koch Records have launched a contest surrounding a user generated video for her song “Lights Go Out.”

Pleasure from Pretty Ricky (kinda sorta) wrote me an email asking that I stop dogging him. I didn’t think I said anything so bad…just that I can’t call him Pleasure. I’ma call him Hernia in a minute! Shout out to Hernia! Anyway, he says he’s the new “bad boy of R&B.”

Keyshia Cole is GOLD! Congrats!

I can’t really vouch for this rumor, but I heard The Game is coming out with a video game next year.

A man is making the sensational claim that Britney Spears let him snort coke off her chest. Read the mess here if you care.


Jay-Z telling MTV his thoughts on Nas’ album title:

“There’s reasons behind what he’s doing…Of course we’re going to support it. I hope it’s coming from a great place. I believe it’s coming from a great place, but I just think it’s misguided. Because people give strength to words and power to words.”

Cam’ron tells Miss Info his thoughts on Jim Jones:

“I still haven’t spoken to Jim. But Jim ran with me for over 10 yrs, he worked hard, and I wish him the best of luck. Everybody thinks I’m mad at Jim. Why am I mad? I told people for years that Jimmy was gonna be a star. So its better on my resume…I wish him the best.

The only thing is, him being with 50, I can’t really run with that. Hang out with who you want to hang out…but me, I can’t really do nothing like that.”


I should have given this to AHH’s Producers section, but I think I am going to hold it to myself.


Okay, it’s no secret! Some of you have already seen “American Gangster” starring Denzel Washington, on a “very clear” bootleg screener’s copy. Wu Tang’s Rza, who plays a cop in the movie, recently checked in with the “Trey the Chocolate Jock Morning Jump-off” (Power 92 Chicago) and my homey Kendra G (morning show co-host) hit me up with the details on how Rza’s feeling to know this GREAT movie (don’t ask me how I know it’s great, the less details the better) has been heavily bootlegged. Well according to Kendra G. Rza isn’t upset, he knows how the hood gets down! But he did state that even though you may own the bootleg copy of “American Gangster” he still wants you to go see the movie this weekend because Universal Pictures spent $100 million dollars to make this movie about a BLACK MAN and if we want them to continue to spend that kind of money on movies like this it must do well in the theaters. So in other words, even if you seen the movie 8 times in the comfort of your own living room already still hit the theaters this weekend to check the movie out or do not complain if Universal Pictures decides to never make another movie like it!

I AM SO THERE, but read our review if you really want to know a writer’s opinion.



New Lil’ Wayne: “PMW”

New Ice Cube: “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It


The Last Word: Amy Winehouse Isn’t Sexy?

Review: Jay-Z’s American Gangster (this album is good – haters stop it!)


Did Lil’ Wayne make Jay-Z’s American Gangster a classic?

Check out the first single from Jim Jones’ Harlem American Gangster. Pretty good, Mr. Jones!


I got this letter from an upcoming producer. I’m not co-signing, but I thought it might be worthy of a print out. They sent me audio and its very, very similar to the Lil’ Wayne “PMW” beat heard above. Read it and you be the judge.

In October 2005 JP got a call from an Atlantic A&R by the name of Damon Eden. Damon told JP to make it to Miami (9hrs away from where we live) the next morning to meet super producer Jim Jonsin down at SouthBeat Records (Do the research). So we hit the road and went to Miami. JP rapped for Jim Jonsin, Obviously Jim was impressed because he GAVE JP three hot ass beats, and told him to do something over them. JP recorded a rough draft to “Life” down at South Beat recording studio. So Jp brought the tracks back home, within that week he found Versatile and they went and recorded the final version of “Life” Produced by Jim Jonsin (I just uploaded it back to JP’s myspace page…Listen to it). And sent the track back to Jim and Damon, within the next week he recorded the other two tracks that Jim gave him. So in the mean time, Jp makes a demo and submits it to the djs (Chris Holiday and Nick @ Night) over at 93 BLX in May of 2006. They start bumping the tracks around June and July of 2006 on the radio during the prime hours of their shows. Jp starts performing the track at shows along the Gulf Coast. Months later, maybe around August of 2006 JP gets an email from Jim Jonsin, saying “Man stop playing that track, Lil Wayne brought that beat from me”. What type of s### is that? Business? Ok, I understand money talks and Wayne is a star. Now its Nov. 2007 and Lil Wayne finally, two years after JP recorded it and exposed it to the Gulf Coast, releases the single. And to be honest, Lil Wayne did not do the track justice, and didn’t come harder than JP and Versatile on that track. 2 f##### years later he drops “PMW” ! If you wanna check it out you can find it on www.allhiphop.com under Mediazone. The industry is shady!

We, as local artists, have to work 10 times as hard, just to get heard by the industry. And then when you do get heard, 9 out of 10 times we get f##### over. Get ya s### copyrighted, trademarked, and if any Producer gives you a beat in your f**kin’ hand and says here it’s yours, spit over it. Get it in writing! Between the money we put into the professional recording and mixing of that track, promoting the song, it being played on the hottest radio station on the Gulf Coast, and that whole Miami trip, yeah we got f##### over!

Like I said, “I ain’t co-signing s**t!”


So, I caught a jolt and wanted to see Deemi. I shared this with a few friends and nobody was able to give me the video to her new song “On The Radio.” Why? THERE IS NO VIDEO. Deemi, we love the song. For those that want to hear it…click below. The video is just bootleg.


The stars went crazy! Below. Guess who? (Diddy is looking like V. Cassie – she can arrest me any time.)

Ice-T is living out his dreams. I don’t know if he is supposed to be Elvis, but he’s chilling! There is another angle to this picture. WHEW. You can imagine…it ain’t for this page.

Russell went as Run or is that DMC? That’s his new girl too. I saw her on Run’s house talking about her cherry tattoo.

Camel to the tizz-oe. M Dot Ford and M Dot Good.

Brit…looking happy. Hope is not dope.

I had to re-run this pic.

These Friday rumors are NOT thin! I AM OUTTA HERE!


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